Where The Wild Things Party Inspirations

Where the Wild Things Are is a timeless classic enjoyed by children (and nostalgic adults) everywhere. The story itself centers around a boy liberated by his creative imagination, so regardless of if you’re putting on a party for children, adults, or both, this theme is one that can truly be enjoyed by everyone!

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While there’s a lot you can do with this theme, one icon you have to include is the crown! This image is a big part of the story, so use it for decorations, food and treats, favors, and even group activities involving the guests making their own creative crowns to wear during the party. Another aesthetic that is a must for this party is the island/tropical look. Opt for lots of not just palm tree-esque décor, but also plenty of jungle/island foliage. Add nature music specific to this along with low lighting and a fog machine, and your guests will feel transported into the actual story! Other great colors to incorporate into your party are golds and browns, with lush greens and pops of ocean turquoise. Bringing in actual images from the pages of the renowned children’s book is also a perfect addition to the party, and this can include anything from copied pages up on the walls or in banners, silhouettes of page art images, or phrases from the book posted on your cupcakes! It has never been easier to create a truly magical ambience for every age.

Where The Wild Things  Party Collection:

Wild Rumpus

Wild Rumpus

Credit: KaraCakes Boutique/Party Planning

Wild One birthday party

Wild One birthday Party

Credit: Lucinda G

Where the wild things are birthday party

Wild One – First Birthday Party

Credit: Crystal N

Where the wild things are birthday party(1)

Where The Wild Things are Birthday Party

Credit: Ammycakes

Wild Rumpus 1st Birthday party

Wild Rumpus 1st Birthday Party

Credit: Alex S

_Wild One_ 1st Birthday Party

“Wild One” 1st Birthday Party

Credit: Sara K

Wild One 1st Birthday party

Wild One 1st Birthday Party

Credit: Stephanie J

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