Under The Sea Birthday Party Ideas

An Under the Sea birthday party theme is the perfect theme for your little one who is inspired by the beauty and magic of mermaids or if they just can’t get enough of those adorable sea critters. Bright colors of the coral reef make for beautiful party decor! Make sure to stock up on party decorations during the summer season. Many stores have a plethora of sea-themed decorations that are put out exclusively during the summertime. Don’t forget to also think about the essentials! There are plenty of ideas for Under the Sea themed food as well plates, napkins, and cups available.

Under the Sea Mermaid Party Ideas

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Under the Sea Decorations

It’s a great idea to start with stocking up on the party essentials. Cups and plates can often be found to match the theme. You might also opt for a variety of solid-colored cups and plates to match the colors of your decor. Themed paper plates not only add to the overall decor of the party, they also make for easy clean up at the end of the party. Instead of spending hours washing dishes, you can simply recycle or throw your paper party supplies away.

Your Under the Sea themed party won’t be complete without decorations! Thankfully, the options for an Under the Sea themed party are endless. Dress up the background of the dessert table with a large banner featuring a coral reef. If you’re feeling crafty you can also make your own background from colored construction paper. Fishing nets can make unique decor for the walls and/or ceiling. Coral sculptures can be found at many different stores. These sculptures can make great additions to the dessert table or be part of a centerpiece.

Bubbling Under The Sea Birthday


There are many more decorations available on the market to suit every space and budget. Balloons shaped like sea creatures and mermaids can transform your party area instantly. Use a fish net to hold balloons that drop down during the party for a super fun surprise. Banners that fit the theme are also available in all different shapes and sizes.

Don’t forget about the streamers! Streamers can be easily twisted to look like seaweed or strung from the ceiling to look like water.

Of course, your Under the Sea party will need some sea creatures. There are many figurines available from The Little Mermaid that would make excellent party decor. You can also incorporate sea animals and mermaids into cupcake toppers, cookies, and the cake. There are a variety of sea-themed cookie cutters available that will make transforming your regular cookies into sea animals a breeze!

Give your little guests mermaid flower crowns. Crowns can be bought in multi-packs or could be made at the party for a fun activity station. You may even opt for mermaid tails that can easily slip on over your guest’s party outfits.

Under the Sea Party Bags

Don’t send your guests home empty-handed! Blue jelly beans and goldfish crackers in a clear cellophane bag makes for an adorable fish bowl like party favor. There are also many different varieties of soaps available in sea themed like a fish in a bag soap! If you have your own unique favor, consider opting for some adorable mermaid gift bags such as a bag that has a mermaid scale pattern.

Fish In a Bag Soap



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Under the Sea Pary Food

The talk of the party is usually the food. A large multi-tiered cake can be created into a beautiful coral reef complete with sea creatures and mermaids. Cookies and cake pops can also be made to look like sea creatures and mermaids. Cupcakes can be topped with adorable mermaid tails and adorned with edible glitter. You can also prepare ocean blue Jellies. For guests who prefer a salty treat, goldfish crackers can be set out in clear jars.

Every party needs beverages! Name your beverages to fit the theme. Make a delicious ocean water punch with blue Kool-aid and Sprite. You could even add some candy fish to the punch ocean themed wrappers. Many wrappers are even able to be customized.

Under the Sea Birthday Party photos

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Under the Sea Party Games

It’s essential to keep your party guests entertained. For your younger guests, create a fishing area where kids can fish for prizes. Use a small pool and rods with magnets on the end to attract metal objects. If you have a large outdoor area, play a game of Octopus tag. For this game, the “Octopus” Stands at the center of the tag area and all of the other players are fish who need to make it to the other side without getting tagged.

If the weather is nice and your guests are okay with getting wet, you play a game of Drip, Drip, Drop. This game is similar to duck, duck, goose, except the words drip, drip, drop are used. The person who is it also drips and/or drops water on others in the circle.

A photo booth is also a great way to keep both young and old guests occupied. There are many different photo props available for an under the sea themed party. You can find multi-packs with fish faces, sharks, and mermaids. There are many full size backdrops available, however, you could also make your own backdrop from construction paper and streamers.

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