Spa And Tea Time Birthday Party


This lovely Spa And Tea Time Birthday Party brought together two fantastic classic activities that blended beautifully to spoil a one-of-a-kind VIP on their special day. With the expertise of The Enchanted Dollhouse and their gorgeous venue, this party was a beautiful success.

Personalized signage helped to set the mood for this party with a massive, round sign right over the guest tables with the birthday girl’s name in white, glittered letters. Bundles of white balloons filled the ceiling space as well, ensuring that the entire venue looked inviting and fun.

The guest tables for the tea party were set in a family style row so the girls could all easily converse as they ate their dainty treats.  Each place setting had a convenient paper plate the matched the pastel tones of the theme. As centerpieces on this table lovely bath salts and bath bubbles stood out, offering luxury for each kid.

Different stations were setup to allow for maximum spoiling.  A hair salon offered an opportunity for each kid to get their hair glam’d up. This station was labeled with a large, personalized sign and even had a gorgeous curtain that enhanced the look of the sectioned area.

Another section had a special table set out for the girls to get manicures at. This station also had a large sign, so it was easy to see what each area was offering. In this section there was a cubby full of spa robes waiting for the girls so they could experience a true spa environment. The table had dainty pink flowers on each end in cups that blended with the theme adorably.

There was even a station for everyone to get a pedicure at with an adorable little tub and sink that gave a vintage look to the area. A small vanity made a perfect table for holding all the foot massage goodies.

Spa-And-Tea-Time-Birthday-Party-Bath-Salts Spa-And-Tea-Time-Birthday-Party-Bubble-Bath Spa-And-Tea-Time-Birthday-Party-Cotton-Balls Spa-And-Tea-Time-Birthday-Party-Hair-Salon Spa-And-Tea-Time-Birthday-Party-Manicure Spa-And-Tea-Time-Birthday-Party-Pedicure-Station Spa-And-Tea-Time-Birthday-Party-Robes Spa-And-Tea-Time-Birthday-Party-Signage


Credits –

The Enchanted Dollhouse



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