Little Flower Birthday Party


This lovely Little Flower Birthday Party was artfully designed by Ariana of And Here We Are.  Using her DIY skills, she brought the beauty of outdoors right inside, providing a party for her little one to remember forever.  

The venue chosen was gorgeous, with lots and lots of large windows so the natural daylight poured in, making everything look vibrant and fun.  A few little friends were invited to the party, making it a cozy event and allowing for the vip to really be able to visit easily with everyone.

The decorations were adorable, giant flowers were actually cupcake liners dipped in various colors on the ends to give them a bright tone and then they were placed on a line, making them a perfect banner for the party.  Other cute banners were also hung with various shapes and a cute range of colors.  

A small table was set up in the center of the room, with charming wooden chairs for the children to sit at.  A fantastic red and white cover was used and the goodies were placed right on that table so the kids could easily reach what they needed.  The snacks offered were fresh and delightful, strawberries, blueberries, grapes and other tasty fruits. A yummy chocolate cake made a perfect dessert for the kids to enjoy and flowers were used to decorate each item, adding a natural touch.

For fun, several plates were set out with a variety of flowers on them and labels, allowing each child to actually taste a flower and learn all about them. Delightful violin music was also provided, making this a unique event all around.

After enjoying the snacks indoors, the children even got to spend a bit of time outside opening gifts and playing in a little clubhouse. The guests were each given a lavender sachet and a fuschia geranium to plant at home!

Little-Flower-Birthday-Party-Cake Little-Flower-Birthday-Party-Cupcake-Liners Little-Flower-Birthday-Party-Edible-Flowers Little-Flower-Birthday-Party-Fruit-Trays Little-Flower-Birthday-Party-Giant-Flowers

Credits –

Ariana of And Here We Are


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