Colorful Autumn Outdoor Party


When it comes to the changing seasons, a Colorful Autumn Outdoor Party can be a fantastic way to celebrate a special event. This lovely set-up was created by Callie of Komma Designs whose attention for detail is perfectly exquisite.

A wonderfully tree filled outdoor space made a splendid option for putting together the details of this Autumn Outdoor Party theme. With the filtered natural light, a cozy vibe was effortlessly displayed throughout.

A magnificent, large round table offers a fantastic seating option for everyone to visit together easily. The neutral tones of this table were complementary to the oranges, greens and reds of the theme. A unique aspect of a fall set up can be offered in a fresh seating method. With this party a fun mix of couches and chairs add a whimsical touch that also keeps guests cozy.

The guest table is a wonderful palette for Autumn decor, using pumpkins and overflowing floral arrangements, it can look absolutely stunning. Even decorating beneath the table can be a fantastic idea, giving a dimensional look that everyone can love.

Callie used natural details to give this party a lovely look, like an archway of greenery with wonderful pink color and little candle holders.

Fall desserts are always a colorful and tasty addition to parties with apples and pumpkins galore.  A cake covered in caramel colored toppings make a tasty and pretty addition to a dessert table.  Stumps were utilized at this outdoor event to make a perfect stage for the treats.

All sorts of beverages can bring a party a tasty touch, this one had a sweet orange color with an arrangement of fruits, cinnamon sticks and flowers around it for a pretty look.

With an invitation with unique art, this party can be a very memorable event.

Colorful-Autumn-Outdoor-Party-Beverages Colorful-Autumn-Outdoor-Party-Cake Colorful-Autumn-Outdoor-Party-Centerpieces Colorful-Autumn-Outdoor-Party-Chair Colorful-Autumn-Outdoor-Party-Decor Colorful-Autumn-Outdoor-Party-Dessert-Layout Colorful-Autumn-Outdoor-Party-Flowers Colorful-Autumn-Outdoor-Party-Invitations Colorful-Autumn-Outdoor-Party-Lamp Colorful-Autumn-Outdoor-Party-Menus Colorful-Autumn-Outdoor-Party-Natural-Touches Colorful-Autumn-Outdoor-Party-Pumpkins Colorful-Autumn-Outdoor-Party-Table-Menu Colorful-Autumn-Outdoor-Party-Table-Number

Credits –

Callie of Komma Designs

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