Outdoor Vintage Pink Camper Birthday Party


What is more fun than spending time outside with all your friends in a fantastic, spruced up camper?  With styling done by Seventh Bixel , this Outdoor Vintage Pink Camper Birthday Party offered fun in a natural setting that was sure to be treasured.

With a retro pink and white camper, this party offered an indoor space as well as a vast outdoor area for everyone to enjoy. The camper was even decorated additionally with lots of greenery on top to let it blend with the vintage theme in a neat, natural looking way.

A DIY sign added a perfect touch to the decor in pink and white with arrows pointing in several directions.  It was wrapped in greenery as well to go with the camper splendidly.

An outdoor seating area was innovatively designed using a large blanket as a stage for the chairs and throw pillows. The blanket had a neat pattern and bold colors that stood out.  A little triangular table was even set out with a massive display of flowers along with candles for an elegant touch.

Potted cacti were used to add to the rustic effect, set together at varying heights to create a fantastic dimensional look, right outside the door of the camper.  Another addition to the decor included a bull skull that was decked out in a flower crown.

To the side of the camper a bundle of large sticks were painted in bright colors to go with the Outdoor Vintage Pink Camper Birthday Party theme perfectly.

The inside of the camper had a sweet, vintage vibe with short curtains in bright colors and patterns. A spread of flowers in rustic vases spruced the space up in a lovely way.

Outdoor-Vintage-Pink-Camper-Birthday-Party-Cacti Outdoor-Vintage-Pink-Camper-Birthday-Party-Cactus Outdoor-Vintage-Pink-Camper-Birthday-Party-Candles.Decor Outdoor-Vintage-Pink-Camper-Birthday-Party-Chair-Pillows Outdoor-Vintage-Pink-Camper-Birthday-Party-DIY-Signs Outdoor-Vintage-Pink-Camper-Birthday-Party-Inside-Curtains Outdoor-Vintage-Pink-Camper-Birthday-Party-Scenery-Decorations Outdoor-Vintage-Pink-Camper-Birthday-Party-Seating Outdoor-Vintage-Pink-Camper-Birthday-Party-Skull-Nature Outdoor-Vintage-Pink-Camper-Birthday-Party-Table-Flowers

Credits –

Photography – CC Street Studio

Styling & Set Design – Seventh Bixel

Floral Design – Foxtail Florals

Furniture Rental – Modi Event Supply

Vintage Trailer Rental – Michelle Sullivan Photography

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