Rubber Ducky Birthday Celebration

Rubber Ducky Birthday Celebration

This fantastic first Rubber Ducky Birthday Celebration was a stunning success thanks to the hard work of Ms. Laine Events. From the vibrant use of yellow and the softer neutral tones, to the adorable rubber ducky theme itself, this party was both elegant and exciting.

For the dessert table backdrop a massive custom sign was made showcasing the special vip so everyone would know who was being celebrated.  An adorable rubber ducky graphic stood out tall, ensuring easy visibility throughout the venue. This sign was further enhanced with a soft, sheer curtain that hung on each side to add dimension and style.  For an added bit of fun, cute clear balloons saying, “Happy 1st Birthday,” gave a personal touch to the decor.

A massive buffet style table was used to hold all the goodies for this event. The table was covered in a light neutral cover and an adorable liner was used that had yellow waves to match the theme tones at the center. Across the front of the table for a unique touch, miniature rubber ducky lights were strung.

Each side of the table was filled up with large thank you gift bags for each of the guests to take home. They had a custom printed graphic on the front that blended beautifully with the theme. The center of the table really drew the eye with goodies galore.  Cake pops looking like little rubber duckies were just waiting to be enjoyed while sweet little sugar cookies had been shaped into fantastic duckies with pastel frosting.  Even the cupcakes matched the theme with scrumptious looking pastel frosting and toppers with the birthday boys name on them.  The centerpiece to the table was the real attention grabber though.  This cake had layers of tasty delight that were frosted to match the them and a wonderful rubber ducky topper was created that made it look like he was in the shower!


Planning/design – Ms. Laine Events


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