Let’s Fiesta Party for Twin Boys

To celebrate a milestone 1 year birthday for adorable twin boys, mom-to-be wanted colors and fun, so a Let’s Fiesta theme was the perfect way to go.

Let's Fiesta Party for Twin Boys pinata centerpiece and activity

Using a fantastic mix of bright shades of yellow, green, blue, and orange, the venue area was an absolute delight. The serving table was a delicious centerpiece to the room and with a bold, black backdrop it was also very unique. Bright paper medallions made a neat accent to the whole look. A cute little chalkboard menu was also created and placed on the table, making it a breeze for everyone to know what the tasty choices were. The centerpiece on the table was a vibrantly colored pinata that the kids got to beat-up later and get some sweet candies from.

Aside from safe goodies for the little ones like applesauce pouches and cheddar bunnies, the food was very Mexican oriented, to bring the theme to life. There were three types of salsa, ensuring something yummy for everyone, rustic roasted, roasted tomatillo and corn. Also made were tasty baked chicken taquitos, baked tex-mex pimento cheese dip, fruit salad, and an entire guacamole bar with all sorts of toppings and mixes.

For a safe method of distribution, tortilla chips were placed in brown lunch bags so each guest could have some that little fingers hadn’t been grabbing already.

Of course if you have a Fiesta, you have to have a scrumptious margarita, so an entire station was set-up for everyone to enjoy. Of course, for the young ones and adults who don’t like the margaritas, a variety of other beverages were offered like water, lemonade, and Corona.

The take home gifts were adorable rubber duckies that had been dressed up as a mariachi band, creating a memento that fit the theme in a creative and entertaining way.

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 decorating their own maracas festive twist with Baked Tex-Mex Pimento Cheese Dip Fiesta Like Theres No Mañana sign, mariachi band rubber ducks for favors Let's Fiesta Party for Twin Boys food menu Let's Fiesta Party for Twin Boys lets-fiesta-birthday-party-chips-served-in-brown-paper-bags lets-fiesta-birthday-party-food-menu lets-fiesta-birthday-party-food-treat-ideas lets-fiesta-birthday-party-smash-cakes-for-twins lets-fiesta-birthday-party-uno-Margaritas are a must at any fiesta! UNO chalkboard-inspired background Yarn-wrapped letters and DIY tissue paper garlandMore Party Ideas:

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