Singing And Dancing With Ducks Birthday


Rustic charm and vibrant color set the tone for this Singing And Dancing With Ducks Birthday.  A massive venue was fantastically decorated by Thetruhappiness, who used innovation to bring the fun to this birthday party.

The entryway to the party room was perfectly advertised with a lovely arcing balloon bouquet that was designed to be walked through.  It had adorable musical note decorations on it that introduced the

Singing And Dancing With Ducks theme in a wonderfully creative fashion.

Inside the room an entire stage was set-up and a band was made with a little singer and two adorable yellow ducks.  To add to the scenery, a backdrop was made showcasing the birthday boy in light up letters.  On each side of the stage red drums held the tasty treats, giving a fun and unique option for this display.  To really emphasize the theme while adding dimension, flag banners were strung from the ceiling accenting musical notes that hung down.

Several rows of little chairs were set in front of the stage for the little guests to watch the show on.  To blend these chairs into the theme, each had a bright cover over it.

All of the desserts offered went with the theme beautifully.  Cupcakes were gorgeously detailed with musical and duckie toppings. Chocolate bars had personalized labels and bowls of bright candies drew the eye.  Other tasty offers included pudding, frosted sugar cookies and milk in a mason jar for a fun look.

The cake was chock-full of details, making the perfect centerpiece for this party.  With a duck on top holding stars and musical notes, it stood out boldly.  The bottom of the cake had a banner with the vip’s name on it surrounded by the singer and lots of ducks.

Singing-And-Dancing-With-Ducks-Birthday-Cake Singing-And-Dancing-With-Ducks-Birthday-Cakepops Singing-And-Dancing-With-Ducks-Birthday-Chocolate Singing-And-Dancing-With-Ducks-Birthday-Chocolate-Bars Singing-And-Dancing-With-Ducks-Birthday-Colorful-Cake Singing-And-Dancing-With-Ducks-Birthday-Cupcakes Singing-And-Dancing-With-Ducks-Birthday-Duck Singing-And-Dancing-With-Ducks-Birthday-Duckie-Treat Singing-And-Dancing-With-Ducks-Birthday-Ducky-Seat Singing-And-Dancing-With-Ducks-Birthday-Entryway Singing-And-Dancing-With-Ducks-Birthday-Framed-Art Singing-And-Dancing-With-Ducks-Birthday-Guest-Seat Singing-And-Dancing-With-Ducks-Birthday-Jars Singing-And-Dancing-With-Ducks-Birthday-Microphone Singing-And-Dancing-With-Ducks-Birthday-Place-Setting Singing-And-Dancing-With-Ducks-Birthday-Popcorn Singing-And-Dancing-With-Ducks-Birthday-Pudding Singing-And-Dancing-With-Ducks-Birthday-Seating Singing-And-Dancing-With-Ducks-Birthday-Sitting-Duck Singing-And-Dancing-With-Ducks-Birthday-Stage Singing-And-Dancing-With-Ducks-Birthday-Stage-Singer Singing-And-Dancing-With-Ducks-Birthday-Treats

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