Pokemon Adventure Party


Epic Parties by REVO provided a whole line of details for this Pokemon Adventure Party in bold colors giving kids some action packed excitement! The theme was quite apparent right upon entering this fantastic venue with a large dessert table advertising the birthday vip’s name in bold, golden letters. The backdrop was a fantastic diy project that had a paper tree on each side of a lovely cloud and blue sky fabric.  In addition to the large banner there was an adorable Pokemon butterfly graphic in purple.

To really showcase this Pokemon theme, a massive display of graphics from the hit show and game really made this table a unique display that kids could love.

Little bushes were created from various green shades of poster board to make the table appear nature-like and hidden among these bushes were little Pokemon. A large crate gave the table a dimensional look while giving a fun stage to a large yellow Pikachu. A white pail beside him held all sorts of graphics on sticks along with a paper pokeball.

Gifts for the visiting guests were placed in white paper bags, each with a thank-you label attached with a paperclip and an adorable Pokemon graphic to go with the theme smoothly. Water bottles were labelled with Pokemon labels allowing for a personal drinking experience.

Delightful macarons and cupcakes awaited these little adventurers, each labelled with a bold sign so the kids would know exactly what they were trying out. There were also large glass jars of candies in vibrant colors on display to try out.

The invitations for this party were fantastic too! With an arrangement of large fonts and bold colors, it was simple to read and introduced the theme in a unique and fun way. Throughout the venue matching graphics were framed and used to really pull the Pokemon theme all together too.

Pokemon-Adventure-Party-Birthday-Announcement Pokemon-Adventure-Party-Cupcakes Pokemon-Adventure-Party-Framed-Graphics Pokemon-Adventure-Party-Graphics-On-Sticks Pokemon-Adventure-Party-Hero-Certificate Pokemon-Adventure-Party-Invitations Pokemon-Adventure-Party-Labelled-Water Pokemon-Adventure-Party-Macarons Pokemon-Adventure-Party-PIka-Juice Pokemon-Adventure-Party-Silverware Pokemon-Adventure-Party-Thank-You-Bags Pokemon-Adventure-Party-Thank-You-Treat Pokemon-Adventure-Party-Training-Camp-Art



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