Pokemon Go Adventure Birthday

Pokemon Go Adventure Birthday

Keeping up with current trends that keeps kids happy, this Pokemon Go Adventure Birthday was a smashing success!! Shawna of Water Walker Events went all out with this special party theme chosen by the birthday boy himself.

The dessert table was a spectacular arrangement of all sorts of tasty treats that was innovatively decorated. A backdrop was made with a board covered with a black, plastic tablecloth with large printouts of each of the Pokemon Go teams. A fantastic banner was strung across the top that was made from a Pokeball pinner symbol.

The table was covered with black as well, blending smoothly with the backdrop. A fun Team Go birthday banner hung across the front with some vibrantly colored tassels too. Both sides of the table sported a big bouquet of balloons that added color and dimension to the decor.

Each of the snacks was a brightly colored addition to the party looking quite scrumptious.  Rice krispy treats stood at the front of the table in red, yellow and blue with little black and white sticks for easy holding. Yummy cupcakes featured pokeball toppers and cupcake holders that matched the theme perfectly.  There was even candyfetti, bringing a unique treat to the decor that really drew attention. The celebration cake was pure decadence covered top to bottom with fantastic edibles like a ring of candies around the bottom.  The frosting was a rainbow of colors and splattered with a black layer to create an awesome messy look. The topper was brilliant with a large pikachu and a pokeball mixed in with a variety of tasty goodies.

Pokemon-Go-Adventure-Birthday-Balloons Pokemon-Go-Adventure-Birthday-Cake Pokemon-Go-Adventure-Birthday-Cake-Top Pokemon-Go-Adventure-Birthday-Candies Pokemon-Go-Adventure-Birthday-Character-Decor Pokemon-Go-Adventure-Birthday-Cookies Pokemon-Go-Adventure-Birthday-Cupcakes Pokemon-Go-Adventure-Birthday-Dessert-Table Pokemon-Go-Adventure-Birthday-Guest-Table-Centerpieces Pokemon-Go-Adventure-Birthday-Place-Settings Pokemon-Go-Adventure-Birthday-Tassel-Banner


Party Printables and Décor: Shawna of Water Walker Events

Photography: Megan of Megan’s Many Memories

Candyfetti: Sweets Indeed

Pikachu Chocolate Covered Oreos & Pokeballs: Sparklesbaby

Pokeball Donuts: Krispy Kreme

Plastic Containers for Pokeball Favors: Party City



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