Ka-Pow Superhero Birthday

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When it comes to having a superhero themed party, why stop with just one hero? This Ka-Pow Superhero Birthday is a perfect example of how well the whole group of heroes can go together for an explosive birthday celebration! With the expert design skills of Invento Festa, this birthday party dessert table was absolutely stunning.

Beginning with the superb backdrop, a brick facade covered in adorable comic superhero graphic art along with classic phrases like, “Bang!!” The theme was introduced in spectacular superhero fashion. On each side of the backdrop, a tall tower of balloons welcomed visitors in bold red and blue colors.

A modern wooden table was used to display all of the party treats, no cover needed as the vibrant tones of the superhero decor brought plenty of attention. For a contemporary touch, two blocks stood right in front on each side of the main buffet with little treats too, extending the snack area in a fun way.

The snack table had a perfect spread of superheros from Spiderman to Batman and even Captain America. Each snack was precisely decorated to go with the theme in a delectable way. Little black pails held green rock candy with a comic label saying, “Kriptonita.” The neon green was vibrant against the black of the pails. Jars were set up with Superman logos and capes along with a red swirly straw for each of the guests too. Other superhero style treats included scrumptious cupcakes frosted in  a variety of colors and candy coated cookies with Captain America shields invited a taste with popsicle sticks and red bows. The cake was a comic book wonder with each of three layers showcasing a different superhero in perfect design.  It was even topped with none other than Black Widow who was posed in a fun way!

Ka-Pow-Superhero-Birthday-Beverage-Jars Ka-Pow-Superhero-Birthday-Boom-Cakepops Ka-Pow-Superhero-Birthday-Cake Ka-Pow-Superhero-Birthday-Cakepops Ka-Pow-Superhero-Birthday-Candy-Coated-Cookies Ka-Pow-Superhero-Birthday-Candy-Jars Ka-Pow-Superhero-Birthday-Captain-America Ka-Pow-Superhero-Birthday-Colorful-Cupcakes Ka-Pow-Superhero-Birthday-Dessert-Table Ka-Pow-Superhero-Birthday-Rock-Candy Ka-Pow-Superhero-Birthday-Spiderman Ka-Pow-Superhero-Birthday-Sugar-Cookies Ka-Pow-Superhero-Birthday-Toxic-Decor Ka-Pow-Superhero-Birthday-Truffles Ka-Pow-Superhero-Birthday-Whap-Cannisters Ka-Pow-Superhero-Birthday-Yellow-Treat


Invento Festa


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