Palm Springs Inspired Retro Golf Party


This playful Palm Springs Inspired Retro Golf Party looked exciting, from the custom decor to the tasty food! The adorable kids birthday was a golf themed success thanks to the special  styling skills of 4414 Designs. One fantastic thing about this event was how it was customized to entertain not only a fun group of kids, but also adults, ensuring the whole group would be entertained.

A retro design was incorporated throughout the venue to give a throw-back vibe that the whole group could love. Vivacious colors, adorable palm trees and even flamingos made a show at this fantastic party.  With a putting green in the backyard it only made sense to have a golf style adventure!

Invitations sporting a retro look ensured that the guests would know what the theme was before they got to the party.

Instead of just using standard lunch items, an entire brunch was prepared including a variety of classic foods like omlettes! Donuts were a delicious hit and there were even yummy biscuits and gravy to enjoy.  Fruit was another sweet addition that added a burst of color too.

The donut section was showcased in putting style with a massive green board for a backdrop that actually had a bunch of donuts hanging from it.  Large poms in pink, white and blue bordered the top of this table and a massive banner hung above it, introducing the party smoothly.  This table was covered in white and was decorated with adorable little plants that fit perfectly in with this golfing theme.  Donuts in various designs from trees to pyramids filled this table. There were all sorts of flavors to try out too.  A wonderful birthday sign stood at the back of this table too.

Another fun addition to this party that made it adult friendly was a special beverage table with tasty mimosas!

Palm-Springs-Inspired-Retro-Golf-Party-Beverages Palm-Springs-Inspired-Retro-Golf-Party-Birthday-Sign Palm-Springs-Inspired-Retro-Golf-Party-Brunch-Menu Palm-Springs-Inspired-Retro-Golf-Party-Centerpieces Palm-Springs-Inspired-Retro-Golf-Party-Custom-Jars Palm-Springs-Inspired-Retro-Golf-Party-Custom-Sign Palm-Springs-Inspired-Retro-Golf-Party-Dessert-Table Palm-Springs-Inspired-Retro-Golf-Party-Donut-Holes Palm-Springs-Inspired-Retro-Golf-Party-Donut-Pyramid Palm-Springs-Inspired-Retro-Golf-Party-Donut-Tower Palm-Springs-Inspired-Retro-Golf-Party-Donut-Tree Palm-Springs-Inspired-Retro-Golf-Party-Drink-Sign Palm-Springs-Inspired-Retro-Golf-Party-Drink-Table Palm-Springs-Inspired-Retro-Golf-Party-Food-Buffet Palm-Springs-Inspired-Retro-Golf-Party-Food-Sign Palm-Springs-Inspired-Retro-Golf-Party-Guest-Placemats Palm-Springs-Inspired-Retro-Golf-Party-Jars Palm-Springs-Inspired-Retro-Golf-Party-Kids-Drinks Palm-Springs-Inspired-Retro-Golf-Party-Meats Palm-Springs-Inspired-Retro-Golf-Party-Mimosas Palm-Springs-Inspired-Retro-Golf-Party-Omelette-Sign Palm-Springs-Inspired-Retro-Golf-Party-Onions Palm-Springs-Inspired-Retro-Golf-Party-Pink-Number Palm-Springs-Inspired-Retro-Golf-Party-Pom-Banner Palm-Springs-Inspired-Retro-Golf-Party-Raspberries Palm-Springs-Inspired-Retro-Golf-Party-Regular-Donut-Holes Palm-Springs-Inspired-Retro-Golf-Party-Sign Palm-Springs-Inspired-Retro-Golf-Party-Succulents Palm-Springs-Inspired-Retro-Golf-Party-Sugar-Cookies Palm-Springs-Inspired-Retro-Golf-Party-Tissue-Poms Palm-Springs-Inspired-Retro-Golf-Party-Treats Palm-Springs-Inspired-Retro-Golf-Party-Treat-Table Palm-Springs-Inspired-Retro-Golf-Party-Tree Palm-Springs-Inspired-Retro-Golf-Party-Venue


Graphic designer/photographer – 4414 Designs

Custom cookies – Sugar Chic Design


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