Soccer Themed Birthday Celebration

Soccer Themed Birthday Celebration

Deco-Cumples & Eventos Merelde brought the joy of a classic sport into a lovely venue with this Soccer-Themed-Birthday-Celebration. Using black, white and green for the theme tones, the decorations were bold and modern.

Balloons hung behind the snack table and by the beverages as well in a stacked style.  Some of the balloons were black and white, looking similar to a soccer ball and the other balloons were various shades of green.

The dessert table was an exciting mix of soccer decorations and treats for everyone to enjoy. With a base of light and bright green, it had a fun field style. The front of the table was decorated with a cute white tassel banner.

A neat personal detail used at this party was a playboard with “Feliz Cumple Valentin!” It stood at the back of the snack table, showcasing the theme in an action packed way.  On the top of the table a miniature field was actually created with astro-turf lined in white to look just like a soccer field. It even had goals on each end and a soccer ball in the center! Flat trays holding delightful sugar cookies were placed on this field with a compact chalkboard sign labeling the cookies in a cute format. There were even wrapped chocolates that matched the theme. The birthday cake was tiered with the top layer shaped into a soccer ball and the number 7 on the top.  The bottom layer was frosted in green with the birthday boy’s name across the center.

Boxes of popcorn popped with black and white stripes and coordinated perfectly with the customized bottled water which feature black and white stripes as well.  Lollipops had green wraps with soccer balls too. There was also a candy dish with green watermelon candies to try out.

Soccer-Themed-Birthday-Celebration-Cake Soccer-Themed-Birthday-Celebration-Mini-Field Soccer-Themed-Birthday-Celebration-Chalkboard-Labels Soccer-Themed-Birthday-Celebration-Customized-Beverages Soccer-Themed-Birthday-Celebration-Dessert-Table Soccer-Themed-Birthday-Celebration-Field-Decorations Soccer-Themed-Birthday-Celebration-Field-Decor Soccer-Themed-Birthday-Celebration-Field-Cookies Soccer-Themed-Birthday-Celebration-DIY-Gifts Soccer-Themed-Birthday-Celebration-Food-Table Soccer-Themed-Birthday-Celebration-Guest-Gifts Soccer-Themed-Birthday-Celebration-Guest-Table Soccer-Themed-Birthday-Celebration-Jello Soccer-Themed-Birthday-Celebration-Referee-Whistle Soccer-Themed-Birthday-Celebration-Popcorn Soccer-Themed-Birthday-Celebration-Pail Soccer-Themed-Birthday-Celebration-Mini-Field Soccer-Themed-Birthday-Celebration-Snacks Soccer-Themed-Birthday-Celebration-Treats Soccer-Themed-Birthday-Celebration-Sugar-Cookies Soccer-Themed-Birthday-Celebration-Water-Bottles Soccer-Themed-Birthday-Celebration-Wrapped-Snacks Soccer-Themed-Birthday-Celebration-Whistles Soccer-Themed-Birthday-Celebration-Water-Popcorn Soccer-Themed-Birthday-Celebration-Watermelon-Treats


Planning/Design – Deco-Cumples & Eventos Merelde




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