Outdoor Bohemian Chic Party


What a fantastic layout this Outdoor Bohemian Chic Party had! With the expert styling skill of Salma of CreaMay, the space had a relaxed and inviting vibe. The party was held outdoors, on a vibrantly sunny day, allowing all the colors and details throughout the venue to really stand out.

The dessert table was lustrous with pastels and greenery that definitely reflected the Bohemian theme perfectly. A backdrop was innovatively designed as a squared archway wrapped in flowers and garland.  Hanging from the center of it a massive dreamcatcher introduced the theme in beautiful fashion. Swings were also attached on each side of the dreamcatcher and held adorable white birdcages which created a whimsical look.

The table was white, which gave an elegant, modern stage for the treats to sit on.  With a variety of tray types from tree stumps to vintage cake trays, the detailing on the table was exquisite. Wooden trays held thick, tasty looking sugar cookies frosted in fantastic styles with names, bows and arrows and more on them. Macarons were delightfully colored in a range of pastels that blended with the theme smoothly. Cupcakes were placed in cute little colorful cupcake holders and wrapped in plastic for a fun and fresh look. There were even candies in a jar for the guests to enjoy.  The cake at the tables center was a pure delight with three layers frosted in white and decorated with a range of gorgeous flower detailing. There was also a fantastic dreamcatcher too! Bottle water was label with personalized graphics and the lids on the bottles were also pastel.

Incorporated throughout the table were cute little details like little dreamcatchers on easels. Doilies gave a vintage look while gorgeous jars on each side of the table had lids with birds that drew the eye.

Outdoor-Bohemian-Chic-Party-Cookies Outdoor-Bohemian-Chic-Party-Desserts Outdoor-Bohemian-Chic-Party-Macarons Outdoor-Bohemian-Chic-Party-Sugar-Cookies Outdoor-Bohemian-Chic-Party-Treats


Planning: Salma of CreaMay



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