Magical Fairy Garden Oasis Birthday


Raidha Raleen Mulafer of Impressions did a lovely job of creating this Magical Fairy Garden Oasis Birthday theme. A rainbow of colors made the venue for the party purely delightful with vibrant pinks, blues, greens, yellows, purples and more.  Using fantastic decorative items  like miniature bridges and toadstools, an entire world was created that any special little one could love.

An outdoor space was decorated in adorable fashion with a colorful gnome and toadstool standing to each side of a marvelous backdrop with strands of glowing lights and lettering spelling out the birthday girl’s name and age. The lights were hung along with garland to add a natural look. Stumps made perfect seats for this area, ensuring photos that would be quite memorable.

The dessert table was a whole world of tasty, colorful fun for everyone to enjoy. A backdrop of clouds brought light to the room while the table itself was decorated to look like a tree stump.  The dessert spread was exquisite with layers of trays full of colorful treats. Sugar cookies shaped like gnomes, toadstools and fairies were all beautifully frosted in vibrant tones. Macaroons were piled in fun shades on a modern white tray.  There were even tasty looking pudding cups for the kids to enjoy. These had adorable little edible flowers on top too. An array of fairies were blended throughout the table decor to add a touch of magic that stood out in a lovely way. The celebration cake was quite adorable too with little daisies behind a fairy for a topper. Frosted in green, it was a perfect addition to the party.

Magical-Fairy-Garden-Oasis-Birthday-Blue-Bridge Magical-Fairy-Garden-Oasis-Birthday-Blue-Fairy Magical-Fairy-Garden-Oasis-Birthday-Cake Magical-Fairy-Garden-Oasis-Birthday-Chocolates Magical-Fairy-Garden-Oasis-Birthday-Desserts Magical-Fairy-Garden-Oasis-Birthday-Dessert-Station Magical-Fairy-Garden-Oasis-Birthday-Dessert-Tables Magical-Fairy-Garden-Oasis-Birthday-Edible-Fairy Magical-Fairy-Garden-Oasis-Birthday-Fairy Magical-Fairy-Garden-Oasis-Birthday-Fairy-Garden Magical-Fairy-Garden-Oasis-Birthday-Fairy-Toadstool Magical-Fairy-Garden-Oasis-Birthday-Food Magical-Fairy-Garden-Oasis-Birthday-Gnome-Home Magical-Fairy-Garden-Oasis-Birthday-Gnome-House Magical-Fairy-Garden-Oasis-Birthday-Green-Gnome Magical-Fairy-Garden-Oasis-Birthday-Guitar-Gnome Magical-Fairy-Garden-Oasis-Birthday-Large-Gnome Magical-Fairy-Garden-Oasis-Birthday-Lettering Magical-Fairy-Garden-Oasis-Birthday-Macarons Magical-Fairy-Garden-Oasis-Birthday-Mini-Bridge Magical-Fairy-Garden-Oasis-Birthday-Mini-Toadstools Magical-Fairy-Garden-Oasis-Birthday-Photo-Station Magical-Fairy-Garden-Oasis-Birthday-Pink-Fairy Magical-Fairy-Garden-Oasis-Birthday-Pudding-Cups Magical-Fairy-Garden-Oasis-Birthday-Stump-Seat Magical-Fairy-Garden-Oasis-Birthday-Sugar-Cookies Magical-Fairy-Garden-Oasis-Birthday-Tall-Fairy Magical-Fairy-Garden-Oasis-Birthday-Toadstool Magical-Fairy-Garden-Oasis-Birthday-Toadstool-Decor Magical-Fairy-Garden-Oasis-Birthday-Toadstools Magical-Fairy-Garden-Oasis-Birthday-Welcome-Sign


Concept, planning, execution: Raidha Raleen Mulafer of Impressions

Photography: Picture Poets

Cake, cookies and oreos: Dec-O-Cake

Eclairs and cheesecake: Crumbs Chocolates,

Serviette rings, headbands, food labels, fairy jars: Iheart craft with Khadhija Inshirah R, Esha Wewala, Tricilla Arun



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