ONEderland First Birthday Inspirations

Got a first birthday to plan? Whether it’s for a boy or a girl, get inspired with these adorable ONEderland first birthday decoration ideas and inspirations! ONEderland themed parties are quite often associated with Alice in Wonderland or Winter Wonderland themed birthdays, so you can incorporate these themed decorations when planning the ultimate ONEderland party!

Winter Onederland set up for a little Princess

Show their first moment

A great way to build the ONEderland celebrations around the child is to have their first moment captured perfectly. For most children, that first moment will come as they lie in the arms of their parents, safe and warm. It is a special moment, and a little photo of them when they were first born can make a great centerpiece. It also helps to remind everyone just how much has happened in that one short year!

pink winter onederland

Beautiful, bashful pinks

For a young girl, you might wish to go for something a bit more bashful and a bit more explosive. This could mean lots of pink (or any color that she prefers, of course) coloring on items such as tablecloths, iced cakes, biscuits, and other treats that people can enjoy.

Themed products

You might also wish to spend a bit of time coming up with some themed products and designs for the big day. You could even look to find cute little things with the number one of them and use that as part of the décor. What is their favorite stuffed animal so far? Perhaps you could a stuffed animal holding a big one symbol and use that as the main part of the decoration?

First themes

Another good choice might be to start including as many little firsts as you can on the day. This is a big day for your baby, so giving them the chance to experience many little feelings, tastes, smells, and scenes for the first time could help to make this an even more memorable day for the child.  The more that you can do to make sure the day has many firsts involved outside of their birthday, the more memorable the whole occasion will become.

The future planned

You might already have a little idea in your mind about what your child wants to be simply from the interests they have shown in their presents and their life so far. You should therefore look to try and use these small but subtle hints in the imagery of the birthday. Who knows? You might look back on a photo album of their ONEderland celebration and remember that, even from age one, they wanted to be in the job they eventually get!

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