Ninjago Party

Ninjago Party

Ninjago Party by Impressions

This Ninjago party for two special little Ninjas was planned by Impressions. The party was filled with perfectly themed decor. There was something fun to explore around every corner for both kids and adults.

The dessert table featured a unique assortment of goodies. A Ninjago themed cake was covered with perfectly crafted ninjas and lego blocks. The top of the cake was decorated with realistic looking ninja swords. The cake itself was even made to look the face of Ninja and was complete with a ninja mask. Pudding cups were decorated to look like little Japanese huts. Some of the desserts were even made to look like Sushi. Brownies were created to look just like lego blocks. Guests could also choose from scrumptious looking sugar cookies intricately decorated with Ninjago themed art.

In front of the dessert table there was a snack bar for guests who preferred salty treats. A row of flames served as the divider between the desserts and the snacks. Some of the delicious looking options included sliders, pigs in a blanket, and mini sandwiches.

The decor of the dessert table was incredible! The background was made to look like a 3D Japanese building. The table was covered in a way that made it appear to be a base for legos. Cutout flames decorated the front and middle of the table. A cutout sign was custom made to display the names of the ninjas being celebrated. Cardboard cutouts of Ninjas fighting were also placed strategically throughout the table. Each dessert and food item included a Ninjago themed label so that guests knew what tasty treat they were about to dig into.

Even the guest tables fit perfectly with the theme. White chairs included very unique decorations of symbols from Ninjago on the backs. Each symbol was gold and included sparkling gemstones. The crisp white table was decorated with bright red plates and adorable milk bottles with matching caps. Each milk bottle included a design with Japanese words and a black dragon. A long wooden table banner served as a road to place intricately made 3D Japanese buildings. Each building featured cupcakes for easy reach when sitting at the table. The cupcakes were decorated with toppers including popular Ninjago characters.

The ceiling was also decorated perfectly to the theme. Black and blue paper lanterns with Ninja eyes hung form the top of the ceiling. To make it look like the lanterns were floating through the sky white fluffy clouds were also hung throughout the ceiling.

Credit: Conceptualisation, design, planning & execution : Impressions

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