Lego Birthday Party

What little one can resist the awesomeness of a Lego Birthday Party? Crackers Art took this classic theme and made it a personalize adventure for the birthday boy. With an emphasis on the vibrant multitude of colors that Legos is known for, the venue for this party was a spectacular arrangement of fun. Each detail was personalized with Lego tags and adorable Lego features that were sure to impress the kids who got to attend. The treat table was a wonder, perfectly organized and each food was a sweet addition that brought the theme to life.

Crackers LEGO Birthday Party cake

The cake was a vision of Lego excitement, a number 5 made to look like construction was going on. This innovative idea was certainly an impressive way to give the theme a unique twist.

Sarah’s take on the party:

When I asked my son Harvey what theme he wanted for his 5th birthday party, he jumped at the chance of having a Lego party before his big brother stole the theme for his own party the following month. I was thrilled because I’d been dying to create a Lego-inspired party and I really wanted to put a unique spin on it. I’d seen some fabulous Lego parties on the web, but I wanted ours to reflect everything my boys love about Lego with plenty of in-your-face colour.

I designed all of the party printables and then tied in all of the food into the same colour scheme. There were two separate tables:  the dessert buffet, and a smaller snack table which I directed the kids to when they arrived. They also had a sit-down lunch of hot food and sandwiches before it was time to hit the dessert buffet.

I usually attempt the cake and cookies myself, but this time I enlisted the skills of Lisa from ‘Cakes & Biscuits By Lisa’. I provided Lisa a design for the cookies, and we discussed ideas back and forth about a cake design. The birthday boy’s big brother made the Lego tractor and truck for the cake, so it was lovely to add that personal touch. We left it in Lisa’s capable hands and the cake turned out perfectly and exactly as I’d pictured. Harvey and his friends absolutely loved it!

For party games we had a ‘Draw Your Own Lego Character’ colouring competition, a ‘Pin the Brick in the Wall’ game (our Lego version of ‘Pin the Tail on the Donkey’), free-range Lego on the lounge room rug, and some Lego tower-building races. I also created the graphics for the games myself, which I kept simple and effective. The party guests took home small treat bags of candy, wrapped chocolate bars, and a big smile 🙂 .

Vendor Credits:

Party Styling and Food – Crackers Art

Party Printables – Crackers Art

Lego Birthday Cake – Cakes & Biscuits By Lisa

Lego Cookies – Cakes & Biscuits By Lisa

Photography – Crackers Art

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