Just Keep Swimming Dory Birthday


This special kid was given a fantastic Just Keep Swimming Dory Birthday extravaganza with brilliantly colored decorations and all sorts of exciting activities. With the inspirational skills of  Laura’s Little Party, this undersea hit movie theme became an outdoor adventure to remember!

When it comes to kid’s parties, using outdoor venues is always a win, especially when it is bright and sunny out.  This backyard was a fabulous oasis of fishy fun with the personalized printable art and vibrant decorations. A massive banner introduced the theme as everyone entered the yard that had undersea artwork and large letters saying, “Finding Dory Just Keep Swimming Party!”

For a fun activity to keep the kids busy and enjoying the undersea vibe at this party the guest table was set up with adorable little trays holding pint size bubble bottles to use.  It was accented with little blue petals underneath that gave a sweet look.

To show appreciation to the guests for stopping by this adorable party each little one was given a bucket full of tasty snacks that had personalized art saying, “Thanks for swimming over.” It was printed on little labels that matched the big banner beautifully. The buckets all had shovels attached too, making it a fun gift for kids to use for playing in the sand with. To really spoil the children for this event, each was given another bucket full of goodies with activities inside like coloring books and crayons.

Delightful cupcakes curbed hunger at this party with cute little cupcake holders. They were set on a large white tray with a Dory in a coffee pot.  There was even a cute scuba mask underneath to show off the theme in fun style.  For beverages the little ones got to have tasty fishbowl blue juice too!

Just-Keep-Swimming-Dory-Birthday-Bubbles Just-Keep-Swimming-Dory-Birthday-Cupcakes Just-Keep-Swimming-Dory-Birthday-Dessert-Table Just-Keep-Swimming-Dory-Birthday-Gift-Tubs Just-Keep-Swimming-Dory-Birthday-Snacks


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