Magical Little Mermaid Birthday


With the expertise of My Little Angel Decorations this Magical Little Mermaid Birthday took on a life of its own. A vivacious blue color made a delightful base tone with white and gold blended in to create an elegant and ocean-like vibe throughout the venue.  

Many kids love balloons and this fantastic theme utilized them in a gorgeous fashion.  A gigantic backdrop to the dessert table was made with large volumes of blue and clear balloons giving the entire room a bold underwater styling. They were even blown up at differing sizes, giving a fun and full look that the guests were sure to love.

The dessert table was stunning to say in the least. It was wrapped in layers and layers of sea green streamers that were curved, making it look a lot like seaweed. To one side a tower of chests were stacked with jewelry and treasure pouring out of the top one, so it looking just like buried sea treasure.

Beautiful vases stood tall on each side of a massive cake, they were overflowing with lovely blooms in various tones. The cake was stood on a box that had been decorated with seashells, blending with the theme perfectly.  Fantastic seal-like elements were incorporated throughout this table, from golden mermaid statues to little starfish and seashells. There was even a miniature cake that was decorated to match the large one with a magnificent blue seahorse set on top.

Other tasty treats at this table include fun sugar cookies shaped into seashells, they were even frosted in layers giving them a scale look.

Guest tables were decorated in a fun way with blue wraps around each white chair and massive balloon bouquets as the centerpieces. The was even a gigantic light up seahorse that added to the theme marvelously.

Magical-Little-Mermaid-Birthday-Balloons Magical-Little-Mermaid-Birthday-Balloon-Centerpieces Magical-Little-Mermaid-Birthday-Treasure-Boxes Magical-Little-Mermaid-Birthday-Sugar-Cookies Magical-Little-Mermaid-Birthday-Mylar-Balloons Magical-Little-Mermaid-Birthday-Mini-Cake Magical-Little-Mermaid-Birthday-Lightup-Seahorse Magical-Little-Mermaid-Birthday-Guest-Seating Magical-Little-Mermaid-Birthday-Flowers Magical-Little-Mermaid-Birthday-Dessert Magical-Little-Mermaid-Birthday-Cake Magical-Little-Mermaid-Birthday-Blue-Cake


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My Little Angel Decorations


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