Hello Kitty Birthday Party Ideas

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Hello Kitty Party Ideas

A Hello Kitty Birthday party can bring your little girl a fun and lighthearted way to celebrate their special day. This classic character uses bright pink and white to generate a lovely approach to any party.

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This is a fantastic theme to use all kinds of frills at, break out the vintage lace and tulle to wrap tables and cover walls. Giant poms in bright pink and white will fill your venue with a cozy atmosphere and blend perfectly with the theme.  Pink polka dot table covers offer a cute touch while still allowing all of the wonderful decorations to stand out.  You can print out some Hello Kitty pictures and color/paint them, then put them in vintage frames to hang around the room for a neat, unique effect.  Bouquets of soft white and pink flowers will bring a sweet fragrance to your guest tables while looking elegant and beautiful.  You could even make your own flag banner to hang on the front of the buffet table using Hello Kitty prints for a neat DIY option.

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Bring some fun into your buffet with pinked colored popcorn in Hello Kitty pails for the guests to enjoy. Giant marshmallows with sprinkles on sticks with patterns adds a sweet treat that is easy to eat right up.  Make your fruit more enticing by cutting it into shapes with cookie cutters. This is also a great party for making rice krispy treats, using colored marshmallows of course! The cake for your Hello Kitty party should be magnificent. Two-layers of perfection topped with a Hello Kitty for your child to enjoy whether it is candy or a plastic centerpiece.

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For a fun activity that is sure to keep your little visitors happy and busy, take a yarn, (a different color for each player) and spread it around the room, over/under/around objects to create an obstacle course. Have each child roll the yarn up as they follow the path and when they get to the end have the end of the yarn attached to a prize.  Another fun Hello Kitty race would be to give every child ice cream in a bowl and see who can eat it fastest with no silverware.  You could even have a mouse hunt, have an adult hide a bunch of mini-mice around and see which guest can find the most.

hello kitty party supplies

Send your guests home with adorable little gift bags full of wonderful treats like Hello Kitty sugar cookies, and bright lollipops to enjoy. You could even add little accessories like sunglasses and little notebooks with pens for a long lasting way to remember your child’s special day.

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