Pastel Ice Cream Party

Just Call Me Martha got to create this adorable Pastel Ice Cream Party and they did a fantastic job! With an array of light, sweet colors and fun patterns, this event was lighthearted, just the thing to entertain a group of kids for hours!

Instead of trying to find a way to use ice cream buffet style, they set up a sundae topping area for everyone to add their favorite things to their ice cream, allowing a personal touch and ensuring that the ice cream didn’t melt before it was enjoyed.

Pastel Ice Cream Party table

Each detail was impeccably thought-out, like a bouquet of ice cream shaped cookies in a vase that added the theme in a tasty and cute fashion.  Flowers that matched the sweet pastel color palette, spread around to add an aromatic natural touch.  There were even yellow macaroons placed in a fantastic bowl that stood out beautifully.

From the chocolate pops to the cake balls, every treat offered a delicious and lovely option for the kids to try out.

One favorite decoration was the ice cream truck artwork on display, it was created in soft pastels and added a bit of adorableness that was sure to be appreciated by all.

The cake was gorgeous, two tiers of lemon and raspberry butter cake that was detailed to perfection.  The soft pastels and ice cream cone topper brought this centerpiece to life on the table.

The take home gifts were wonderful and unique, each kid was given a box filled with little accessories, like an ice cream pencil and notepad, eraser, lollies and even a soapcicle!

This tasty theme really took off and invited everyone who attended to remember the party with so many little touches that brought it all together beautifully.

Credits –

Party styling – Just call me Martha

Photography – Mel Riddell

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