Dinosaur Themed Party


Bringing a bit of the prehistoric home, this Dinosaur Themed Party is a perfect example of how fun dinosaurs can be!

For colors different shades of blue and green made this venue bright and exciting.  With some silver and white thrown in, the theme had a modern vibe.

The snack station was marvelously decorated from top to bottom with all sorts of cute details.  A banner on the wall advertised the birthday boy with bold lettering and interesting color/pattern mixes.  A bouquet of green and blue balloons filled the space at the back of the table smoothly.

At the front of the station a row of tassels in all of the theme tones made a neat look and accented the white cover on the table brightly.

The snacks and beverages offered at the table were simple classics, making it easy to decide what to try.  Delicious juice bottles as a kid favorite stood on each side of the table. Personalized dinosaur labels made these drinks go with the theme in fun fashion.  At the front of the table tasty cupcakes frosted in green and brown. They were topped with fun little flag banners and flowers.

Gifts for the guests were placed in paper bags that had convenient carrying handles on them.  Labels matching the theme gave them a prehistoric touch that stood out.

For a centerpiece, the birthday cake was a vision. Set on a box, it stood tall so everyone could see it easily.  Frosted with precision, the birthday boy’s name was placed on the side of the cake on top of grass and underneath an adorable dinosaur holding the number 3.

From top to bottom, this dinosaur party was sure to entertain all of the lucky little guests who came to celebrate!

Dinosaur-birthday-party-cake-ideas Dinosaur-birthday-party-cake-ideas-3rd-party Dinosaur-birthday-party-ideas Dinosaur-birthday-party-ideas-food-cupcakes Dinosaur-birthday-party-thank-you-bags

Credit – Ryan’s Mother for the decorations and planning

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