Harry Potter Birthday Party

Harry Potter Birthday Party

Impressions Parties went all out on this Harry Potter Birthday Party with intricate details that made the hit theme a real treat for a special birthday kid! The venue had lots of windows to allow bright sunlight to filter in, ensuring that all of the goodies were easy to see.

A table with fantastic cake stands with a vintage vibe made a perfect location to display the tasty treats.  As a centerpiece, a massive, layered cake was frosted in a charming rustic way with colors and details that mimicked the hit stories to perfection.  This cake had a topper of books with an owl that was exquisitely detailed.  The cake was set on a flat, personalized stand so the guests would know who they were celebrating in a modern way.

To further enhance the look of this section, adorable Harry Potter details were smoothly incorporated to create an academic look including old looking books, miniature potions and even glasses frames.

Other delightful goodies prepared for this event included sugar cookies that featured intricate Harry Potter details like owls and the flags from the various divisions.

A favorite personalized decoration made for this special party was a customized Harry Potter sign which was encased in a wonderful ornate, golden frame that said, “Harry Potter To The Poolside.”

Delightful miniature cakes were made to represent the different divisions and there was even a fantastic black cauldron styled cake that had marshmallows at the top to make it look like it was overflowing.  There was also a detailed version of the talking hat to help bring this neat Harry Potter theme to life.  One cake stand that was displaying some sugar cookies had a vintage style suitcase on it to add to the theme impeccably. From top to bottom this themed party was sure to be a hit.


Harry-Potter-Birthday-Party-Cakepops Harry-Potter-Birthday-Party-Cakepop-Treats Harry-Potter-Birthday-Party-Cakes Harry-Potter-Birthday-Party-Cake-Stand Harry-Potter-Birthday-Party-Candelabra Harry-Potter-Birthday-Party-Cauldron Harry-Potter-Birthday-Party-Decorations Harry-Potter-Birthday-Party-Dessert Harry-Potter-Birthday-Party-Desserts Harry-Potter-Birthday-Party-Detailed-Owl Harry-Potter-Birthday-Party-Detailed-Treats Harry-Potter-Birthday-Party-Edibles Harry-Potter-Birthday-Party-Framed-Graphics Harry-Potter-Birthday-Party-Hat Harry-Potter-Birthday-Party-Owl-Cookie Harry-Potter-Birthday-Party-Potions Harry-Potter-Birthday-Party-Slytherin Harry-Potter-Birthday-Party-Snacks Harry-Potter-Birthday-Party-Sugar-Cookies Harry-Potter-Birthday-Party-Suitcase Harry-Potter-Birthday-Party-Tall-Cake Harry-Potter-Birthday-Party-Treats


Planning/design: Impressions Parties



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