Classic Peter Rabbit Birthday


What fun this Classic Peter Rabbit Birthday planned by Impressions was! With the concept, planning and execution well in hand, they created a storybook version of this sweet story in a theme that any kid could adore. Fantastic wooden signs were painted with labels like, “Pumpkin Patch,” and “Carrot Patch,” all with artwork conveying what each area had in cute fashion.

For the pumpkin patch section, a turned brown wooden crate was set out with mini pumpkins in varying colors filling it from the very top to inside.  The carrot patch was larger with white crates and lots of carrots filling a garden box as well as the crates.  There was even a section dedicated to being Mr. McGregors Garden with a vintage style wheelbarrow in white filled with wildflowers.

For a touching, custom addition to the party a large chalkboard framed in brown was set on an easel for easy viewing. It was filled up with all sorts of information about the sweet birthday girl along with cute Peter Rabbit artwork, creating a piece that was certain to be a cherished memory.

The birthday cake was amazing with each layer featuring different characters from the story. A picket fence and miniature carrots were added in and there was even grass to give it realistic detailing. The top had an adorable pastel number one as a topper.  Each of the other treats were decadently decorated to match this garden theme with toppings shaped like garden vegetables.

Lovely wooden swings were used to hold all sorts of goodies for the guests. Each one had flowers wrapped as garlands around the ropes to give a pretty garden look.  Large cut outs of the characters from the story were spread throughout the outdoor venue to add to the charm.  This entire party area was a pure delight.

Classic-Peter-Rabbit-Birthday-Cake Classic-Peter-Rabbit-Birthday-Cakepops Classic-Peter-Rabbit-Birthday-Carrot-Patch Classic-Peter-Rabbit-Birthday-Carrots Classic-Peter-Rabbit-Birthday-Chalkboard Classic-Peter-Rabbit-Birthday-Cookies Classic-Peter-Rabbit-Birthday-Custom-Bars Classic-Peter-Rabbit-Birthday-Custom-Sign Classic-Peter-Rabbit-Birthday-Cutouts Classic-Peter-Rabbit-Birthday-Desserts Classic-Peter-Rabbit-Birthday-Detailed-Cookies Classic-Peter-Rabbit-Birthday-Flowerpots Classic-Peter-Rabbit-Birthday-Flowers Classic-Peter-Rabbit-Birthday-Goose Classic-Peter-Rabbit-Birthday-Ladder-Gifts Classic-Peter-Rabbit-Birthday-Large-Letters Classic-Peter-Rabbit-Birthday-McGregors-Garden Classic-Peter-Rabbit-Birthday-Mini-Garden Classic-Peter-Rabbit-Birthday-Pudding Classic-Peter-Rabbit-Birthday-Pumpkin-Patch Classic-Peter-Rabbit-Birthday-Sweets Classic-Peter-Rabbit-Birthday-Swing-Treats Classic-Peter-Rabbit-Birthday-Wood-Sign


Planning/Design – Impressions




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