Enchanted Garden Birthday Party


Impressions went all out with this adorable Enchanted Garden Birthday Party. For a special 7 year old, this party was personalized with pretty butterflies and gorgeous flowers, giving her exactly what she wanted.

The backdrop for the snack table was ethereal, with a painted wooden look that gave a magical vibe to the entire venue. The paint had a dimensional look that made it appear very realistic, little shelves with flowers and a watering can really made it stand out.

The table in front of the backdrop was made of wood, enhancing the rustic charm that this party had.  A large row of gorgeous flowers lined the front of the table fantastically.  It was topped with butterflies too, in various pretty colors.

A fantastic range of treats was offered at this event, each with a perfectly detailed execution.  Vegetable sandwiches offered layers of deliciousness for everyone to enjoy.  Deviled eggs and other scrumptious edibles were offered to keep everyone full and happy.

The desserts were a stunning range of delight, from delicious cream tarts to pudding cups. Each snack was labeled with an artfully designed phrase, making it easy for everyone to see what was available.

The cake was decadent, frost in a base of white and decorated with pastel flowers and the birthday girl’s name spelled out in vibrant pink letters on the top. It was set on a fantastic vintage style white tray, making a perfect centerpiece for the dessert table.

The kids tables were a fantastic addition to the venue with a charming vintage style and white tone.  The chairs were lined with garland and had giant gorgeous butterflies set on the back.  Each table had a strand of floral garland running down the center. Even the beverage cups blended with the theme with adorable little butterflies attached to the tops.

Enchanted-Garden-Birthday-Party-Beverages Enchanted-Garden-Birthday-Party-Birdcage Enchanted-Garden-Birthday-Party-Butterfly-Treats Enchanted-Garden-Birthday-Party-Cake Enchanted-Garden-Birthday-Party-Cakepops Enchanted-Garden-Birthday-Party-Chair-Decor Enchanted-Garden-Birthday-Party-Cookies Enchanted-Garden-Birthday-Party-Cream-Tarts Enchanted-Garden-Birthday-Party-Desserts Enchanted-Garden-Birthday-Party-Deviled-Eggs Enchanted-Garden-Birthday-Party-Eclairs Enchanted-Garden-Birthday-Party-Flowers Enchanted-Garden-Birthday-Party-Flowers-Vase Enchanted-Garden-Birthday-Party-Guest-Seating Enchanted-Garden-Birthday-Party-Layered-Treats Enchanted-Garden-Birthday-Party-Pudding-Cups Enchanted-Garden-Birthday-Party-Snack-Stand Enchanted-Garden-Birthday-Party-Snack-Table Enchanted-Garden-Birthday-Party-Vegetable-Sandwiches


Credits –

Concept and Planning – Impressions

Shaziya Kamil

Desserts – Cakes and Things

Sweet Wishes by Vish

Rizka Ihsan and Khadhija Inshirah R

Gayani Jayaweera and team at Super Kids

Photos – Picture Poets



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