Charming Floral Birthday Celebration


Lima Limao went all out with this Charming Floral Birthday Celebration. Using all sorts of gorgeous pink and white flowers, the party area had a lovely romantic vibe.  A large table was used for the desserts and it was set with a pretty golden cover. Behind this table a gorgeous backdrop of greenery along with strands of lights offered soft illumination and a fantastic natural touch.

The centerpiece to this table was an elegant floral arrangement that gave this party a charming look.  With pink and white blooms along with baby’s breath, the centerpiece was absolutely stunning.  The layered cake was set on one side of the table but placed on a tall tray so it was simple to reach when dessert time came.  The top layer of this cake was frosted in gold while the bottom was white with sweet floral art. It even had a pretty pink rose bloom set perfectly between the layers.  Throughout the desserts there were fun personalized touches, like 40+1 that was frosted on a tasty cookie.

This dessert section was amazingly arranged with small flower bouquets and succulents placed among the decadent treats, giving it a full and luxurious look. There were all sorts of goodies to try out from macarons to candied cake balls.

The guest tables were absolutely phenomenal, set in one long row to create a family vibe that was sure to impress. Lovely clear chairs were used, giving a royal effect. All the way down the row, miniature bouquets of flowers added to the charm with beautiful pink and white flowers.  Each place setting had clear silverware and plates to match the chairs.  A vintage style gold and white table cover made a lovely stage for the table too. Incorporated into this look, candles on different pedestals offered extra lighting in a romantic style.

Charming-Floral-Birthday-Celebration-Cake Charming-Floral-Birthday-Celebration-Cakeballs Charming-Floral-Birthday-Celebration-Candied-Cakeballs Charming-Floral-Birthday-Celebration-Candles Charming-Floral-Birthday-Celebration-Cookies Charming-Floral-Birthday-Celebration-Desserts Charming-Floral-Birthday-Celebration-Flower-Art Charming-Floral-Birthday-Celebration-Flower-Decor Charming-Floral-Birthday-Celebration-Flower-Toppers Charming-Floral-Birthday-Celebration-Guest-Seating Charming-Floral-Birthday-Celebration-Guest-Tables Charming-Floral-Birthday-Celebration-Macarons Charming-Floral-Birthday-Celebration-Pink-Blooms Charming-Floral-Birthday-Celebration-Pink-Flowers Charming-Floral-Birthday-Celebration-Pink-White-Flowers Charming-Floral-Birthday-Celebration-Succulents


Planning/Design – Lima Limao



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