Candy Shop Wonderland Birthday


When it comes to sweets, every kid deserves a whole array on their special day and this Candy Shop Wonderland Birthday party was no exception.  With so many different tasty treats to choose from, every kid was sure to find their own favorite! Lima Limao was the mastermind behind this brilliant display of delightful treats, showcasing a wonderland of fun colors and details that stood out wonderfully.

As a backdrop to this dessert table, a base of pink made a perfect setting for the striped patterned center that was designed to look just like a little candy shop. The table was covered in a matching pink, ensuring that the theme blended smoothly throughout. Stacked lollipop decorations stood to each side, adding perfectly to the look.

The dishware used to hold all of the goodies had a charming, vintage style to it that gave the venue a classic vibe. A stunning layered cake was designed with lots of lollipops and a gigantic cupcake as a topper. With all sorts of pastel tones and confetti sprinkles surrounding the bottom, this cake was a lovely centerpiece. Each treat was designed to match this tasty theme, like the cake pops that were topped with adorable little candy corns, donuts, teddybears, wrapped candies and more.

A fantastic cotton candy station was set up and designed to look just like a true cart.  With a large personalized sign advertising the station and a delicious display of wrapped cotton candy waiting, this area was a fantastic addition to this fun party.

Using an outdoor space, this party was full of light and plenty of running area.  The food table stood right by the candy cotton station, making it easy for everyone to grab and go.  All sorts of delicious snacks were offered included a fruit tray, giving a healthy option for guests to try out.

Candy-Shop-Wonderland-Birthday-Buffet Candy-Shop-Wonderland-Birthday-Cake Candy-Shop-Wonderland-Birthday-Cakepops Candy-Shop-Wonderland-Birthday-Cakepop-Toppings Candy-Shop-Wonderland-Birthday-Cheese-Tray Candy-Shop-Wonderland-Birthday-Cotton-Candy-Cart Candy-Shop-Wonderland-Birthday-Cupcakes Candy-Shop-Wonderland-Birthday-Desserts Candy-Shop-Wonderland-Birthday-Food-Table Candy-Shop-Wonderland-Birthday-Lemonade Candy-Shop-Wonderland-Birthday-Macarons

Credits –

Design/Planning – Lima Limao


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