Candy Shoppe Party

Red Ribbon Studio really took my breath away with this Candy Shoppe Party.  Although it was a wedding celebration rather than a birthday party, I think this would be a fantastic birthday party theme! The vibrant color choices and creative detailing made this party really stand out from others with flair.

candy shoppe party sweet table

One of the examples that really shined, was the buffet treat table. Using a backdrop of really cool eclectic flags and swatches, a banner was created saying, “How Sweet it is” giving it a personal DIY look that was fantastic. The variation of patterns in the swatches made it look almost vintage in style.

The treats went fabulously with the Candy Shoppe theme, matching the bright colors and looking like a delicious reason to be the main event.  With a rainbow array of rock candy on sticks in a clear holder and wonderful swirled lollipops in red and blue, this table definitely looked tasty.  There were also blue macaroons and fun yellow cake pops that looked ready to chomp right up.  The cake was a vision of candied delight with layers that were perfectly sprinkled with candy.  An added touch of fun was the little bags of popcorn with a fun label saying, “Late night Snack”.

From the cotton candy to the many, many jars of yummy candies like jelly beans, laffy taffy, and peppermints, this Candy Shoppe Theme had everything a sweet tooth could want.

There were even delightful little cupcakes with little red toppers that added a touch of elegance to the look, while maintaining that sweet theme perfectly.

The attention to all of the little details was what brought this whole celebration to life, ensuring that guests would remember the event for many years to come.

Credits – Red Ribbon Studio

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