Candy Shop Birthday Party


Bright, vivacious colors were a fantastic element used to promote this Candy Shop Birthday Party by Marques Freitas Decorações. From the wonderfully checkered black and white flooring to the bold yellow, blue, pink and white curtains draped to the ceiling, this venue was a blast of fun just waiting to be had.

A large buffet style table was used for the desserts.  It was covered in a pink base tone and had a unique black border around it that gave a neat look. The variety of treats offered was quite astounding, the entire table was chock full of tasty options for the guests to try out.  Chocolate covered apples with colorful sprinkles were tied with adorable little ribbons on the sticks right beside a jar full of brightly colored candies.  Massive colorful lollies added dimension while looking quite enticing.  Cookies and chocolates and even bags of skittles waited to be eaten up.  The entire table was a vast array of tasty looking colors.

Using a separate table for the venue centerpiece, it took the entire space to hold the towering perfection that was the celebratory cake.  Four giant layers of heavenly sweet stood tall, with a swirl of pink and a cherry on top for added fun.  To detail this lovely dessert, lollipops were expertly placed at varying angles and levels going up the cake.  The bottom layer in yellow featured a fantastic yellow bow.  There was even a border of candies used on one level, ensuring that the cake matched the Candy Shop theme smoothly.

Some other adorable details used at this party included a fun blender that held a tasty treat while acting as a perfect decoration on the buffet table. A massive bouquet of cotton candy was set in front of the table calling out to all sweet teeth.  

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Credits –

Marques Freitas Decorações

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