Teenager Birthday Party Favors

Teenager Birthday Party Favor Ideas

While planning a birthday party event can be stressful, there is a break for fun and creativity when it comes to choosing favors for your guests! For a teenager’s birthday party, you have vibrant and colorful options that you can work with.74349-500

First, you’ll need to decide if you would like your favors to be disposal, keepsakes, or a little bit of both. Mason jar favors are all the rage right now and there are tons of ways to turn these into party favors for your teenage guests. Mason jars can be painted, decorated with buttons or glitter or ribbons, and filled with candy or small favor items. Mason jars are a perfect palate for whatever theme you’re working with, and they are inexpensive. They even come in any size you need for your favors!

If you go for a bagged or boxed set of favors, fill them up with individually wrapped candy, gel pens, chapstick, sunglasses, or playing cards. Any of these can be personalized as well with the name of your birthday teen guest of honor, or the guests themselves. Also make sure to throw in noisemakers in your favor goody bags that the teens can use during the birthday party. Whistles, kazoos, party poppers, and blowouts are classic and lively noisemakers that no teen birthday party should do without!

If you decide to keep your noisemakers separate from your party favor bags, then wait until the end of the party to give the favor packages to the guests. This way, there’s no chance of your teenagers losing their gifts before they leave the event.

My Favorite Teen Party Favors

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