Modern Lego Friends Birthday

Modern Lego Friends Birthday

This Modern Lego Friends Birthday party was fantastically planned out by Raidha Raleen Mulafer of Impressions for a very special nine year old! From top to bottom, the venue for this party was a Lego extravaganza! To give the theme an elegant twist, garland was incorporated beautifully throughout the decor.

Hanging above the guest tables, lovely lanterns and tissue balls made a perfect splash of color and dimension. With this fun, Lego theme, the colors were a bright and inviting blend of pink, blue, purple and green.

The guest tables were arranged in a fun manner with a neat purple runner down the center. Paper plates for the guests made cleanup a breeze too. The centerpieces for these tables were adorable, a small arrangement of flowers with a cute graphic standing in them.

To keep the kids’ sweet tooth satisfied, a massive dessert buffet was set-up in splendid fashion. An entire arched overhang made the perfect backdrop for this Lego themed party. Across the front of the table a pink base was highlighted with a string of beautiful garland. A menu sat right in front so it was easy to see what goodies were available to enjoy.

Colorful cakepops in varying shades were each decorated in unique styles with little butterflies and flowers. They were set on a fantastic pink, vintage style stand. Other desserts included sugar cookies that were frosted to reflect the whole Lego gang. There were also tasty looking mini pies with stars on the crust. The real showstopper was the cake arrangement.  One massive cake with four minis were all decorated to look just like Legos! Topped with a giant yellow Lego number 9, this cake was perfect for the event.

Modern-Lego-Friends-Birthday-Buffet-Tables Modern-Lego-Friends-Birthday-Cake Modern-Lego-Friends-Birthday-Cakepops Modern-Lego-Friends-Birthday-Cakes Modern-Lego-Friends-Birthday-Centerpieces Modern-Lego-Friends-Birthday-Cookies Modern-Lego-Friends-Birthday-Dessert-Buffet Modern-Lego-Friends-Birthday-Desserts Modern-Lego-Friends-Birthday-Dessert-Table Modern-Lego-Friends-Birthday-Drinks Modern-Lego-Friends-Birthday-Framed-Graphic Modern-Lego-Friends-Birthday-Graphic-In-Garland Modern-Lego-Friends-Birthday-Guest-Plates Modern-Lego-Friends-Birthday-Hanging-Decorations Modern-Lego-Friends-Birthday-Hanging-Lantern Modern-Lego-Friends-Birthday-Menu Modern-Lego-Friends-Birthday-Mini-Cake Modern-Lego-Friends-Birthday-Mini-Pies Modern-Lego-Friends-Birthday-Paper-Ball Modern-Lego-Friends-Birthday-Personalized-Graphic Modern-Lego-Friends-Birthday-Sugar-Cookie Modern-Lego-Friends-Birthday-Treats


Concept, planning, execution: Raidha Raleen Mulafer of Impressions, with Shevi B. Stork , Shaziya Kamil , Ruvi Johnpillai-Forbes, The Macaron Magazine, Roshini Perera, Khadhija Inshirah R

Photography: Picture Poets




Magical Fairy Garden Oasis Birthday


Raidha Raleen Mulafer of Impressions did a lovely job of creating this Magical Fairy Garden Oasis Birthday theme. A rainbow of colors made the venue for the party purely delightful with vibrant pinks, blues, greens, yellows, purples and more.  Using fantastic decorative items  like miniature bridges and toadstools, an entire world was created that any special little one could love.

An outdoor space was decorated in adorable fashion with a colorful gnome and toadstool standing to each side of a marvelous backdrop with strands of glowing lights and lettering spelling out the birthday girl’s name and age. The lights were hung along with garland to add a natural look. Stumps made perfect seats for this area, ensuring photos that would be quite memorable.

The dessert table was a whole world of tasty, colorful fun for everyone to enjoy. A backdrop of clouds brought light to the room while the table itself was decorated to look like a tree stump.  The dessert spread was exquisite with layers of trays full of colorful treats. Sugar cookies shaped like gnomes, toadstools and fairies were all beautifully frosted in vibrant tones. Macaroons were piled in fun shades on a modern white tray.  There were even tasty looking pudding cups for the kids to enjoy. These had adorable little edible flowers on top too. An array of fairies were blended throughout the table decor to add a touch of magic that stood out in a lovely way. The celebration cake was quite adorable too with little daisies behind a fairy for a topper. Frosted in green, it was a perfect addition to the party.

Magical-Fairy-Garden-Oasis-Birthday-Blue-Bridge Magical-Fairy-Garden-Oasis-Birthday-Blue-Fairy Magical-Fairy-Garden-Oasis-Birthday-Cake Magical-Fairy-Garden-Oasis-Birthday-Chocolates Magical-Fairy-Garden-Oasis-Birthday-Desserts Magical-Fairy-Garden-Oasis-Birthday-Dessert-Station Magical-Fairy-Garden-Oasis-Birthday-Dessert-Tables Magical-Fairy-Garden-Oasis-Birthday-Edible-Fairy Magical-Fairy-Garden-Oasis-Birthday-Fairy Magical-Fairy-Garden-Oasis-Birthday-Fairy-Garden Magical-Fairy-Garden-Oasis-Birthday-Fairy-Toadstool Magical-Fairy-Garden-Oasis-Birthday-Food Magical-Fairy-Garden-Oasis-Birthday-Gnome-Home Magical-Fairy-Garden-Oasis-Birthday-Gnome-House Magical-Fairy-Garden-Oasis-Birthday-Green-Gnome Magical-Fairy-Garden-Oasis-Birthday-Guitar-Gnome Magical-Fairy-Garden-Oasis-Birthday-Large-Gnome Magical-Fairy-Garden-Oasis-Birthday-Lettering Magical-Fairy-Garden-Oasis-Birthday-Macarons Magical-Fairy-Garden-Oasis-Birthday-Mini-Bridge Magical-Fairy-Garden-Oasis-Birthday-Mini-Toadstools Magical-Fairy-Garden-Oasis-Birthday-Photo-Station Magical-Fairy-Garden-Oasis-Birthday-Pink-Fairy Magical-Fairy-Garden-Oasis-Birthday-Pudding-Cups Magical-Fairy-Garden-Oasis-Birthday-Stump-Seat Magical-Fairy-Garden-Oasis-Birthday-Sugar-Cookies Magical-Fairy-Garden-Oasis-Birthday-Tall-Fairy Magical-Fairy-Garden-Oasis-Birthday-Toadstool Magical-Fairy-Garden-Oasis-Birthday-Toadstool-Decor Magical-Fairy-Garden-Oasis-Birthday-Toadstools Magical-Fairy-Garden-Oasis-Birthday-Welcome-Sign


Concept, planning, execution: Raidha Raleen Mulafer of Impressions

Photography: Picture Poets

Cake, cookies and oreos: Dec-O-Cake

Eclairs and cheesecake: Crumbs Chocolates,

Serviette rings, headbands, food labels, fairy jars: Iheart craft with Khadhija Inshirah R, Esha Wewala, Tricilla Arun



Galactic Birthday Celebration


This Galactic Birthday Celebration was made just for a sweet vip who wanted a party in space with his favorite character, Miles, from Tomorrowland. With this outer space idea, not even the sky was the limit when it came to decorating. Raidha Raleen Mulafer of Impressions used her expertise to recreate the interior of a stellosphere, with a few stars twinkling in the galaxy. She came up with fantastic hanging lanterns decorated as planets to hang from the ceiling, giving the venue a fun, dimensional look.

The buffet was innovatively incorporated into the decor with curved design and decorations at the front that made it look like a spaceship control center. A full size galaxy backdrop in bold colors advertised the birthday boy in space fashion.  Each of the treats was made to match the theme, sugar cookies were frosted to look like fun planets and aliens along with number 6s. They were displayed in a variety of ways, one stand had three levels that showcased them neatly right at the corner of the table.  Cute little donuts made it to the menu too frosted in a marbled manner and sprinkled with little edible gold stars. Each snack had a personalized label that went smoothly with the theme.

The birthday cake was a vision frosted to look like outer space with a fun looking rocket right at the bottom with a planet and an exciting Miles topper with the moon at the top.  

An adorable guest table in white with matching chairs made a great stage for the vibrant purple runner down the center. Hanging characters from the show added a cute touch to the guest seating area too.

Galactic-Birthday-Celebration-Cake Galactic-Birthday-Celebration-Cookies Galactic-Birthday-Celebration-Decorations Galactic-Birthday-Celebration-Donuts Galactic-Birthday-Celebration-Guest-Tables Galactic-Birthday-Celebration-Hanging-Lanterns Galactic-Birthday-Celebration-Labels Galactic-Birthday-Celebration-Space-Cake Galactic-Birthday-Celebration-Sugar-Cookies Galactic-Birthday-Celebration-Topper Galactic-Birthday-Celebration-Treats


Concept, planning, execution: Raidha Raleen Mulafer of Impressions

Photography: The Picture Poets

Dec-O-Cake: Shaziya Kamil, Bibo’s Yummies, Gayani Jayaweera, Khadhija Inshirah R


Magical Tinkerbell Party


With a sprinkling of pixie dust and a bundle of flowers, this Magical Tinkerbell Party came to life for one very special child. The vibrant colors and bold natural details were just a small part of what Raidha Raleen Mulafer of Impressions brought to this venue. With her expertise and styling skills, this event was sure to leave a lasting mark on the whole crowd.

Front and center, a gorgeous pink backdrop was scattered with graphics included stars, flowers and hearts, giving it an exciting look. A fantastic buffet table was then decorated to mimic a tree stump, bringing the fun of the outdoors in. The table was smoothly filled with goodies and decorations all blended for a stunning effect. Each treat was easily accessible too so kids could grab their own. Adorable vintage style cake trays added a cute touch to the table too.

At the back of the table two tall vases displayed some very pretty flowers which stood on each side of an elegant, Tinkerbell cake. It was decorated beautifully in soft colors that blended smoothly with the other decor.

One favorite aspect of this party were the use of bottle that had strands of lights in them and little flowers. They illuminated the bottles adorably, emitting the appearance of float bits of pixie dust.

The very front of the table showcased the theme perfectly with a gigantic graphic of Tinkerbell herself surrounded by a fantastic arrangement of paper flowers.

To wrap the theme into the guest seating, each chair was laced with a lovely little floral garland and the place settings featured cute purple plates. Eve the beverages were part of the fun with a light green color that kids were certain to enjoy.

Magical-Tinkerbell-Party-Beverages Magical-Tinkerbell-Party-Birthday-Cake Magical-Tinkerbell-Party-Bottle-Lanterns Magical-Tinkerbell-Party-Candles Magical-Tinkerbell-Party-Canopy Magical-Tinkerbell-Party-Chair-Garland Magical-Tinkerbell-Party-Cookies Magical-Tinkerbell-Party-Decorative-Glasses Magical-Tinkerbell-Party-Desserts Magical-Tinkerbell-Party-Garland-Canopy Magical-Tinkerbell-Party-Hanging-Bottles Magical-Tinkerbell-Party-Labels Magical-Tinkerbell-Party-Tasty-Treats Magical-Tinkerbell-Party-Tinker-Treats Magical-Tinkerbell-Party-Toadstools Magical-Tinkerbell-Party-Treats


Concept, planning, execution – Raidha Raleen Mulafer of Impressions

Photography –  The Picture Poets



Princess Sophia Birthday

Princess Sophia Birthday

This fun, Princess Sophia Birthday theme was beautifully executed by Raidha Raleen Mulafer of Impressions. The dessert station at this party was a stunning array of color and detail, uniquely set up to make it simple for guests to access while being elegantly displayed. Three separate tables created a fantastic effect along a single wall with a massive graphic backdrop of a garden and columns. The fronts of each table had a graphic that blended with the backdrop creating a 3-D effect. Each station had a lovely strand of garland across the front with little flowers incorporated for a touch of color.

The treats on these tables were delightful with all sorts of bright colors and decadent details. Rice krispy treats were plain, pink and purple in color and each had a stick to make for a mess free option. Cookies were stacked with purple frosting in between layers, creating a unique dessert with fun Sophia details on top like her purple necklace. Each treat had a personalized label that matched the theme in purple with a cute little crown on them. To enhance the royal vibe of the dessert tables, strands of beads were placed brilliantly throughout all the treats.

An exquisite cake in purple and white made a perfect center table addition. It was perfectly frosted and topped with a framed Sophia the First photo in a golden frame.

The table for the visitors looked remarkable with purple fabric draped over the chairs which matched the liner down the center of the table. Lanterns were re-purposed with adorable flower arrangements to add a whimsical touch to the theme. Beads were strung down the center too.

Princess-Sophia-Birthday-Cookies Princess-Sophia-Birthday-Dessert-Tables Princess-Sophia-Birthday-Framed-Photo Princess-Sophia-Birthday-Garland Princess-Sophia-Birthday-Garland-Decor Princess-Sophia-Birthday-Gold-Plates Princess-Sophia-Birthday-Guest-Table Princess-Sophia-Birthday-Lanterns Princess-Sophia-Birthday-Pink-Drink Princess-Sophia-Birthday-Treats



Concept, planning, execution – Raidha Raleen Mulafer of Impressions with Dec-O-Cake, Khadhija Inshirah R, Shaziya Kamil, Gayani Jayaweera, Bibo’s Yummies

Photography – Picture Poets