Wild West Cowboy Party

Wild West Cowboy Party Tablescape

For a celebration of fun in the Wild West, Kelly from Kelly Allison Photography had the opportunity to capture this Cowboy Party in lavish detail. From the invitations to the yummy treats, every detail of this event flowed with adorable cowboy touches that any kid could love.

The invitations were bold and vintage, with a large classic font that yelled from the paper.  The colors and patterns gave a fantastic effect that was sure to bring the guests to the party.

cowboy themed props

For the Cowboy Party grub, a great wooden table was used, emphasizing the vintage quality to the party, set against worn out looking panels, the ambience was a vision of perfection for a celebration to remember. Each food was prepared thoughtfully, creating a palate any Cowboy could enjoy while on the wild frontier.  Trail Mix  was set in adorable little paper bags and labeled in a neat fashion. Apple juice boxes were wrapped up in adorable little bags with swirly straws. Cheesy grits were put in little dixie cups with a fork attached with neat plaid ribbon so the cowboys and cowgirls had their silverware. There were even donut holes, a Cowboy classic…..a modern day classic! With sticks attached, even those were mess-free for easy clean-up.  The cupcakes were luscious, chocolate covered in yummy white frosting and gold sprinkles.  Cute little bull cut-outs stood in each, ensuring they went smoothly with the theme.

There was a fun craft table set up for the guests to create their own art with crayons and foam cowboy stickers.  All kinds of activities were set-up to keep the kids happy, from a neat boot pinata to pin-the-mustache-on-the-cowboy.

For the take-home gift, loot bags were made that were screen-printed for a personal touch that was sure to impress.  This party definitely brought a fun twist to the west with cowboy decor to remember.

Credits –  Photography – Kelly Allison Photography

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