Adult Birthday Party Favors

Adult Birthday Party Favor Ideas

As the host of an adult birthday party, coming up with party favors for your guests can be the most fun part of the entire planning process. Unlike younger-aged birthday parties, adult favors are something that you want to make a keepsake, and less disposable.

When choosing the favors for your party guests, keep your theme in mind. You’re going to want to incorporate this into your favors and you are also going to want to use it as the primary flair for your presentation of the favors—i.e., the gift bags, boxes, or containers you choose.4966-500

There are tons of options as far as adult birthday party favors go! Glassware is a really popular option for party favors as it serves as a great keepsake that your guests will continue to use. Barware like shot glasses, flutes, wine glasses, and steins personalized with your party theme are universally loved favors. Stadium cups are a fun gift as well, and as a bigger plus, they are durable and unbreakable.  Accessories for the home or kitchen specifically are highly favorable gifts for your adult party guests. Wine stoppers, coasters, candle holders, koozies, and keychains can be personalized any way you choose for your guests and are extremely usable long after the party is over.

Candy is also a wonderful filler for your party favor gift bags. Candy bars, coffee, and cheese plate packages tend to fit whatever theme your adult birthday party holds, and they are a great little surprise alongside the gift favors! When you spend so much time and effort on a great birthday party for your adult guests, you want them to leave with something they can put in their homes and always remember how amazing the event truly was.

My Favorite Adult Party Favors