Woodland Birthday Party Ideas

A woodland themed birthday party is the perfect theme for young children during the fall season. You’re sure to find forest colored party supplies in abundance around Thanksgiving. When organizing a Woodland themed party, you will want to consider a variety of rustic looking decorations as well as essential supplies such as plates and cups. You can even find some decor right in your own backyard without spending a dime.

woodland birthday ideas

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It’s a great idea to start with stocking up on the party essentials. Fall themed paper, plates, napkins, and silverware can be found at a plethora of different stores. There are also many themed options that feature adorable woodland creatures on the market. Themed paper plates not only add to the overall decor of the party, they also make for easy clean up at the end of the party.

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Woodland Birthday Decorations

A woodland themed party will require some decor to make it a truly magical event. There are many different decorative cutouts available on the market of adorable woodland creatures. Cutouts are a great way to easily transform boring walls into part of the party. There are also tons of woodland themed window clings available. Using window clings is a great way to showcase the themes before guests even enter the party.

Cutouts and window clings are not the only decorations available. There are likely plenty of free or inexpensive decor options right in your own backyard. Collect different sized sticks and place them in glass mason jars or vases to give your party a rustic vibe. Real stones can be placed throughout the dessert table. Tree trunks can even serve as the base of a platter for the cake or other desserts.

Don’t forget the garland! A leafy garland in fall colors is the perfect addition to any table and can also be used to decorate around the ceiling.

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Every woodland themed party needs woodland animals. Look for woodland themed animals in the form of cupcake toppers, cake toppers, cardboard cutouts, and even balloons. There are many large woodland themed balloons available. Some popular balloon animals include foxes, owls, and squirrels. If you have a bunch of stuffed animals laying around, they can also be repurposed into party decorations.

Give each party guest a woodland themed mask and tail on arrival. There are tons of multi-packs available that include animals such as owls, squirrels, raccoons, and foxes. Some of the masks even feature faux fur which gives off a more realistic appearance.  You might find tails can at party stores or online. The masks and tails will provide children with hours of fun and also make for memorable photos.

Woodland Birthday Favors

Make sure to send your guests home with adorable party favors. Rustic looking colored pencils can be adorably packaged with twine to create unique party favors. There is a lot of unique packaging available in the woodland theme as well. Baggies can be filled with anything from delicious trail mix to s’mores kits.

Happy Trails Gift Bag Trail Mix

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Woodland Birthday Food & Drink

Of course, food is a must have for every party! Many people opt for a cake made to look like a log. A multi-tiered cake will allow you to fit a variety of different woodland critters. Cookies and cake pops can also be made to look just like woodland creatures. Cupcakes can be transformed into storybook like mushrooms by frosting red with white polka-dots. There are also many different woodland themed cupcake toppers available on the market.

Beverages are a must! Name your beverages to fit the theme. Koolaid can be called pond punch and iced tea can be called river water. Some guests might prefer water. You can dress up your plain plastic water bottles with woodland themed wrappers. Many wrappers are even able to be customized.

Woodland Birthday Game

It’s essential to keep your party guests entertained. There are many different versions of woodland themed bingo available. You can also make your own bingo depending on the age level of the participants. To get guests up and moving, start a game of pin the tail on the fawn or wise owl says.

Happy Forest Woodland Bingo Game Kit

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If the weather is nice and you have a large enough outdoor area, you can also send guests on a woodland scavenger hunt. Have guests look for different animals, stones, flowers, and leaves. There are many already made scavenger hunts available, but you might choose to make your own to fit with your outdoor space. For this game, everyone gets to lie on the floor and pretend to be asleep. If anyone gets caught moving, they are out!

A photo booth is also a great way to keep both young and old guests occupied. There are many different photo props for a woodland themed party such as animal ears, glasses, and tails. If you live near the woods, the backdrop could be outside. If not, there are plenty of different themed backdrop options for sale.

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