Winter One-derland Birthday Party


How easy it can be to celebrate a special day with a Winter One-derland Birthday Party Theme!  Using soft blue shades with white to set the tone, the venue had a cozy and warm look.  Meredith from Unoriginal Mom Living an Inspired Life used her eye for detail to create a beautiful moment for her sweet one year old’s special day.

Invitations made for the party were adorable with a blend of varying fonts accented with a fantastic patterned background.  In the theme tones, this invite was a stunning welcome to the party.

A lovely idea used at this event was a mantle over the fireplace being used to display cute photos of the little one’s first year of life.  With an assortment of neat frames, this section stood out beautifully.   A backdrop was made with a vintage window that had a banner saying, “Happy Birthday David,” on it.  At the front of the mantle a strand of snowflakes and number ones hung delightfully, showcasing this wintry theme sweetly.

Taking advantage of a lovely chandelier, snowflakes in all sorts of sizes and patterns were hung to give dimension to the decor. A neat white tree stood solitary on a table with snowflakes too.

The snacks included a wide variety of options from healthy to decadent, ensuring that everyone could find a tasty choice.  Each treat had a cute name on a fantastic snowflake label.  Carrots were called snowman noses and white donut holes were named snowballs.  

One favorite decoration were blue mason jars that were filled with epsom salt and small candles, they providing lighting while giving a snowy effect.

To really embrace this wintry vibe, a hot chocolate bar was set up for everyone to keep warm and toasty in tasty fashion. There was a whole range of items to add to personalize this classic beverage included various flavors of chocolate chips.

Credits –

Meredith from Unoriginal Mom Living an Inspired Life


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