Whimsical Peter Rabbit Birthday


Ms. Laine Events created this Whimsical Peter Rabbit Birthday with a lovely blend of pastels and delightful treats. No detail was left out with a perfect mixture of decorations and sweets for the guests to enjoy. Using a beautiful, naturally lit venue, there was a light and inviting vibe that was certain to keep everyone happy.

Using the adorable classic Peter Rabbit idea, the dessert station at the party was an absolute delight.  A massive backdrop for the special birthday child was created in soft pastel tones and cute Peter Rabbit graphics along with a customized message to make the sweet vip stand out. On each side of the backdrop columns of balloons stood tall in a variety of colors along with one that had a sweet, custom birthday message.

At the front of this table a miniature garden invited the guests to come up and take a bite of tasty veggies.  A cute white picket fence was placed around to close the section in while crates of veggies and a stand with beverages was set out on the side that made them easy to grab.  A Peter Rabbit cut out stood watch over this sweet garden section.

The table itself was draped in a white cloth to make the soft garden tones of this Peter Rabbit theme really pop.  Artificial grass was then placed on top to set the scene for this dessert garden.  All of the treats were carefully crafted to look like veggies while looking absolutely delicious.  Cake pops were innovatively placed in buckets to look like veggies in a garden while macaroons were shaped and colored to look like a variety of veggies.  At the front of the table little letters spelling the birthday girls name looked like little shrubs in little white pots. The cake at the center was frosted in light blue with a cute miniature rabbit on the top.

Whimsical-Peter-Rabbit-Birthday-Animal Whimsical-Peter-Rabbit-Birthday-Babys-Breath Whimsical-Peter-Rabbit-Birthday-Backdrop Whimsical-Peter-Rabbit-Birthday-Balloons Whimsical-Peter-Rabbit-Birthday-Blue-Cake Whimsical-Peter-Rabbit-Birthday-Bucket-Cakepops Whimsical-Peter-Rabbit-Birthday-Cake Whimsical-Peter-Rabbit-Birthday-Cakepops Whimsical-Peter-Rabbit-Birthday-Cookie-Carrots Whimsical-Peter-Rabbit-Birthday-Cookie-Peas Whimsical-Peter-Rabbit-Birthday-Cookies Whimsical-Peter-Rabbit-Birthday-Cookie-Tomatoes Whimsical-Peter-Rabbit-Birthday-Cupcakes Whimsical-Peter-Rabbit-Birthday-Dessert-Table Whimsical-Peter-Rabbit-Birthday-Garden Whimsical-Peter-Rabbit-Birthday-Garden-Desserts Whimsical-Peter-Rabbit-Birthday-Garden-Mini-Pies Whimsical-Peter-Rabbit-Birthday-Letter-Shrub Whimsical-Peter-Rabbit-Birthday-Mini-Pies Whimsical-Peter-Rabbit-Birthday-Snacks Whimsical-Peter-Rabbit-Birthday-Stuffed-Animal Whimsical-Peter-Rabbit-Birthday-Sweet-Station Whimsical-Peter-Rabbit-Birthday-Treats Whimsical-Peter-Rabbit-Birthday-Treat-Table Whimsical-Peter-Rabbit-Birthday-Vegetable-Crate


Planning/design – Ms. Laine Events


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