Whimsical Peter Rabbit 1st Birthday


Impressions went all out recreating this fantastical vision of Mr. McGregor’s garden from the classic story, Peter Rabbit. Using a Whimsical Peter Rabbit 1st Birthday theme, this superb team of experts brought to life a charming party that the special vip’s mom had wanted since before the little one was even born!

The venue chosen for the party was pure perfection for this elegant garden soiree.  A bright sunny day gave the decor the stunning light necessary for a truly enjoyable occasion. Every detail at this event was beautifully thought out from vine-like greenery with vegetables intertwined to the white picket fencing used to add to the charm.

Fun aspects that made this party stand out included a pumpkin patch and a carrot patch. Each one had a lovely wooden sign advertising, along with adorable details like piles of pumpkins on a box and carrots flowing out of several cute crates.

The desserts were set up in a completely original fashion that was both elegant and functional.  Using little swings that stayed in place, a whimsical and gorgeous area was designated for holding the snacks.  Each of the swings had greenery wrapped around the ropes and in front of the them massive letters spelling out the birthday girls name stood with Peter Rabbit graphics.

The cake was a vision with three layers frosted in soft green and adorable little Peter Rabbit details. A little pink number one stood on top so everyone knew how old this sweet little vip was.  Other tasty additions included sugar cookies, cupcakes, cakepops and strawberry cheesecake cups.

Whimsical-Peter-Rabbit-1st-Birthday-Bunny-Graphics Whimsical-Peter-Rabbit-1st-Birthday-Cake Whimsical-Peter-Rabbit-1st-Birthday-Cakepops Whimsical-Peter-Rabbit-1st-Birthday-Cakes Whimsical-Peter-Rabbit-1st-Birthday-Carrot-Patch Whimsical-Peter-Rabbit-1st-Birthday-Carrots Whimsical-Peter-Rabbit-1st-Birthday-Cheesecake-Cups Whimsical-Peter-Rabbit-1st-Birthday-Cookie-Art Whimsical-Peter-Rabbit-1st-Birthday-Cookies Whimsical-Peter-Rabbit-1st-Birthday-Dessert-Layout Whimsical-Peter-Rabbit-1st-Birthday-Framed-Art Whimsical-Peter-Rabbit-1st-Birthday-Pumpkin-Patch Whimsical-Peter-Rabbit-1st-Birthday-Treats Whimsical-Peter-Rabbit-1st-Birthday-Vegetable-Tree



Photography: Pic-a-boo-photography and Aysha Asad

Cake, cookies and Oreo chocolates: Dec-O-Cake

Mini cakes and cake pops: Roshini Perera of Cakes

Eclairs: Bibo’s Yummies

Other desserts: Crumbs

Lanterns, food labels,  table centers, character cutouts: Iheart craft

Concept, planning and execution: Raidha Raleen Mulafer of Impressions


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