Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Birthday Party Ideas

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Birthday Party Ideas cake

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Ninja Turtle Birthday Party Ideas

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Bring your child a day of hero action with a Ninja Turtle Birthday Party.  With a whole group of vigilantes to decorate with, your child can celebrate their special day saving the city from shenanigans!

You can bring this birthday party a blast of fun with all kinds of green and brown color and Ninja Turtle accessories that will stand out fantastically.  Turn a balloon bouquet into a Ninja Turtle crowd by drawing masks on them or tying scarves on them, then you can use them as centerpieces or as a decoration anywhere in your venue area. Take advantage of your child’s collection of Ninja Turtle toys and set-up fun action scenes on tables for everyone to check out. If you have round, pop-up tunnels, you can decorate those to look like the sewer tunnels, giving a 3-D decoration that kids could actually play with.

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The most important food to have at a Ninja Turtle party is definitely pizza.  You can personalize your pizza by making it at home, or you can make it a part of kids’ activity to make their own pizza with all the ingredients prepared so that all they need to really do is add all their favorite toppings.  Of course, another option is to order out, either way, the kids are sure to love it! Along with you wonderful pizza entree, you can make all kinds of fun treats that will go nicely with the theme.  Place fun jars of a variety of green candies, like gummy bears, gumballs, laffy taffy out and then put construction paper masks on them to look like your child’s favorite classic characters.  Name your foods after Ninja Turtle favorite phrases for a fun twist and place labels out so everyone knows what is available. You could even make ooze with green jello in clear dixie cups! For your Ninja Turtle celebration cake, a large cake can be decorated to look like your child’s very favorite one, or you can have the whole gang together in style.

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To keep your guests happy and involved you can start your party out by having everyone guess how many candies – gumballs you have in a jar and then at the end of the party whoever guessed closest gets a prize! One fun party activity would be giving everyone a sheet of stickers when they first come and having them get rid of all of them by putting them on other guests secretly and whoever gets rid of all their stickers first wins. Another fun idea would be to set up a race for the kids to use chopsticks to move a marble from one bowl to another as fast as they can.


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To say thanks to everyone for coming to your child’s exciting Ninja Turtle party, you can make, or purchase masks so everyone can be their favorite!  You can also send a little gift box with fun accessories like miniature characters, pencils, erasers, markers and more.

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