Masquerade Birthday Party Ideas

A masquerade is a phenomenal and breathtaking event in itself, so when using it as a birthday party theme, you know you’ll be throwing a soiree that your guests will be talking about for years after. A masquerade party is without a doubt the best way to put on a sassy, sophisticated, and simply magical event.

Masquerade Party Invitations

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Masquerade Party Decorations

Decorations are everything with a masquerade themed birthday party, and you’ll want to stick with a bold palate of colors, including deep purples, reds, forest greens, and black. Sequins, sparkles, and feathers are also a definite staple for décor, along with sexy, dim lighting that really set the atmosphere. Of course, masks are the central theme of a masquerade birthday party, so hanging up elaborately detailed masks all over the party venue is a great idea. Posting up light up letters that showcase “MASQUERADE” ensure the guests feel as though they’ve just walked into a VIP event.

Large round lanterns filled with light will illuminate the space and tall, decorative candles on equally tall stands paired with red roses are a fabulous centerpiece for tables. Black tablecloths with gleaming white, damask-patterned tableware and glass goblets are an exquisite detail that the guests will enjoy tremendously.

Tie big, black satin bows on the chairs and table legs and create unique arrangements on the walls from oversized feathers. Chandeliers are a gorgeous addition that you should definitely bring into your event if you can, but if you can’t get your hands on a real one, opt for the wall decals. You can find beautiful chandelier wall decals in all colors that easily stick on the wall or glass and peel off without any mess or residue. This gives the event just one more flair of sophistication. Rhinestone vases and serving platters and doorways filled with sequin curtains are the final step in tying together the ultimate posh look.

Masquerade Theme Setting

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Masquerade Party Printable

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Masquerade Collection Printable PackageMasquerade Party Food Ideas

Food is extra special for a masquerade themed birthday party, as you’ll want to add unique eats alongside the normal birthday fare. The birthday cake should be larger than life, and whether you go for a feather topper, or a masquerade mask topper, you should incorporate the birthday celebrator’s name on it.

Keep in coordination with the colors of the party when designing the cake and more than one tier for the cake is a popular idea for this theme. Each tier can be different shades with different images of a masquerade, like feathers, peacocks, glittering dots or bold stripes, masks, and classic patterns of damask or the fleur de lis. Cupcakes on high towers and gigantic cookies in the shapes of stilettos and corsets add a spark of the sensual, while red macaroons and apothecary jars full of pink cotton candy give a pop of elegance. Add a chocolate fountain with fresh fruit and voila! You have a dessert table that is beyond delectable. Make your guests feel lavish with savory hors d’oeuvres such as oysters on the half shell, boiled shrimp, vegetable pinwheels, and specially spiced popcorn.

Masquerade Party Favors

Party favors for a masquerade birthday party should be just as exquisite as the food and décor, so give your guests something they can remember. Masquerade mask bottle stoppers, wine glass charms, miniature personalized bottles of champagne, decorated tea light candle holders, embellished decorative candles, and rhinestone martini glasses are all great options for masquerade party favors. Individually wrapped specialty cookies, cake pops, and candies presented in fancy boxes or velvet bags are also a fantastic way to say thank you to your guests.

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Masquerade Party Games

Party games for a masquerade birthday event are extremely interactive and can even pose as party favors as well. Have guests make their own masquerade masks to wear throughout the party and to take home with them. Use icebreaker games to keep the guests mingling, such as Guess Who’s Behind the Masquerade Mask, Masquerade Mad Libs, a scavenger hunt, or even a mystery murder game. Another must have for your masquerade birthday party is a photo booth! Guests will want to have plenty of photo opportunities to document the lovely and vibrant party, so ensure that there is a space set aside for your guests to pose for plenty of pictures.

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