Supergirl – Superman Birthday Party Ideas

A Superman Birthday brings your child a classic theme that never gets old.  With this fantastic idea, you can use red, blue and yellow to turn your venue into an action-packed hero adventure. When you send out invitations, don’t hesitate to use loud fonts in bold colors to really emphasize the excitement of the planned event for guests to read. Using the Superman Logo for your artwork also creates a finished look for your invites. Don’t forget too that this theme is also perfect for a Supergirl! You can use Pastel blue, pink and yellow color scheme to bring out the fun for the Supergirl’s birthday party. You can find free toppers at the bottom of page to use at the party.

FREE Editable Invitation

free blue and yellow superman editable invitation

free supergirl editable birthday invitation

Party Decorations

When decorating your event area for a Superman (Supergirl) theme, it is always fun to add comic phrases to your different looks like “Pow!” and “Blam!” to bring a little life to it all.  There is no such thing as too much when it comes to a hero party, the more action packed fun you have the better.  Use bunches of balloons to fill the “skyline” with fun, you can even draw the Superman Logo on some of them to personalize the style.  Hang up posters from the comic books around your room, you could even make frames for them to really bring your look together.  If you use white tablecloths, all of the different plates and silverware that you use will really stand out brightly.  For birthday centerpieces you can mix a little elegance with action by putting smooth rocks in jars and have sticks with the comic phrases on them sticking out in a bouquet-like fashion.

superman birthday cake

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Food and Snack Ideas

To create food that even Superman would love you have to think like a hero!  Keep your hero guests strong with snack foods like mini-deli sandwiches, and hotdogs.  Having a veggie and fruit tray brings color to the table and offers a healthy touch that is sure to be enjoyed.  Use some blue wraps to create little holders for popcorn and then label them with the Superman logo. You can make some “kryptonite” by color rock candy green.  Use trays and dishes that match your theme so there is a lot of color incorporated into your food. Decorate your blue paper cups with logos and little red handmade cloth or paper cape.

Free Superman Supergirl Cupcake Toppers and Favor box

Free Superman Supergirl Cupcake Toppers and Favor box

Superman-Birthday-Pack-printable centerpiece-supergirl1Superman-Centerpiece

Games & Activities

To give the party goers some super fun, have them get into teams and have a competition to see who can be the strongest Superman.  You have the designated member of the group put on adult clothing, and then the team works together to put as many balloons as they can into their clothing.  Get creative and set-up a craft station for all of the kids to make their own superhero logo to take home.

To show thanks for everyone who comes to the special Superman Birthday Party, send them home with their own Superman comic book to start their own collection.  Or you can give them all a Superman cape to dress-up anytime they want to.


superman cape superman costume

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