Sugar and Spice Birthday Party Ideas

A birthday party is an occasion to celebrate an awesome milestone no matter what the age! A sugar and spice themed birthday party is the perfect way to throw an unforgettable event, and there are tons of options to get creative with when it comes to everything from decorations to food! Your sugar and spice themed birthday party can truly be something that people remember for a lifetime.

Editable Invitations

hearts and gold sugar and spice everything nice invitation editable

purple and blue sugar and spice everything nice invitation editable

pink and gold SUGAR AND SPICE EVERYTHING NICE editable invitation

pink SUGAR AND SPICE EVERYTHING NICE birthday invitation editable

Decoration Ideas

For decorations, a sugar and spice birthday party should have a fairly easy to follow color palate. Think chocolate brown mixed with pastels of pinks and blues. Regardless of whether you’re throwing a party for a boy or girl, all these hues can be incorporated beautifully. Dark brown tablecloths with pastel blue or pink lace runners, along with accent pieces placed around the venue such as bags that say “sugar” and “spice”, or all different sorts of salt, pepper, and sugar shakers. Streamers in the same colors, along with garland cutouts of sweet baby sugar treats and twinkling fairy lights are all fantastic additions to your party décor. Don’t forget creative centerpieces, and opt for bowls or jars full of sweet smelling roses or peonies paired with cinnamon sticks for an extra scent of spice and a gorgeous, unique look.

Food Ideas

Food is super fun for a sugar and spice themed birthday party. You can create a birthday cake that is multi-tiered with half white frosting and half chocolate frosting, complete with garnishes of both white and red lilies and toppers of table shakers. Apart from the cake, it’s a great idea to have two separate food tables sanctioned off into “spice” themed and “sugar” themed foods. For the sweeter table, have the birthday cake along with cakepops, richly frosted sugar cookies and cupcakes, macaroons, and sweet candies in beautiful glass jars. For the spicier table, opt for cucumber jalapeño sandwiches or peppered deviled eggs. You don’t have to be super spicy and you can definitely have some saltier fares for guests available such as dips and chips. For beverages, you can definitely offer the normal lemonades, punches, and sodas, and also think about having a tea bar set up! Here, guests can choose from sweet to spicy teas to enjoy during the party and it goes perfectly with the theme!

Game Ideas

Games can be just about anything you desire, from classic board games to more interactive games like charades or catchphrase. You can also whip up some cute themed games such as sugar and spice bingo or sugar and spice mad libs. You can also play a game called ‘guess the spice’ game where you prepare jars of spices for the guests to look and guess!. You can even create an activity for party guests in which ingredients are provided and they make their own little jars of a sugary spice mix!

guess the spice birthday game

guess the spice birthday game

Favor Ideas

Favors are equally as fun to put together for party guests, because you can really give them an adorable assortment of goodies. Fill pink or blue bags with gourmet chocolate treats, peppered hot chocolate, and spicy nuts (assuming no one has allergies), along with all different sorts of sugars and seasonings or guests to take home and enjoy!

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