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For a celebration that your galactic traveling child will love, throw them a Star Wars Birthday Party. With this theme, there is no limit to the excitement that you can bring to the comfort of your home, or venue.

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Star Wars Party Decorations

For a sophisticated take on a Star Wars theme, use black and gold to decorate your party area. Black fabric draped floor to ceiling behind your buffet or gift table will give a bold effect that looks fantastic.  You could even hang a banner in front of it with Star Wars characters, wishing the birthday child a wonderful day.  Display movie posters in frames that you can decorate, or pre-finished ones, to showcase your theme with style. Use your child’s collection of fun miniature characters to cover the tables with action-packed fighting scenes for an exciting touch at every seat! You can make some black poms to hang from the ceiling to fill the room with a galactic feel, maybe even put up some stars for a neat addition. Another fun option you have is to make your own spaceship from the movie with a cardboard box, let your inner artist out to bring it to life as a showstopping decoration for guests to enjoy.

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Use personalized black and gold labels to name your food anything you want to from the movie. You can make fruit kebabs and call them “Light Sabers.” Have some rolos in a big bowl and name them “Han rolos.” Guests will enjoy fun, catchy little titles along with delicious treats. You could cut open a watermelon and use the shell to make a miniature Yoda for the table. Make a Storm Trooper from a cheese ball and surround him with cracker for a fun dip. For a cake to remember, have a recreation of the Star Wars ship made for everyone to enjoy. To decorate you can add star wars cake toppers.


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Other great treats can include chocolates, Jellies in a shape of Star wars characters using appropriate silicon trays. Serve drinks with these shaped ice too along with flag toppers for the straw. Free straw toppers available just above.

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Let your guests release their inner Jedi with a pinata shaped like Darth Vader filled with goodies. They can use bats painted like light sabers for some hard hits to bring him down! Bubbles in tall containers offer a fun option for small ones to do, letting them run around and pop them. You could even use pool noodles to let the kids have their own safe Jedi battles outdoors.

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Send your guests home with their own light sabers and jedi costumes for a long lasting way to remember the sweet celebration. You could also give them masks for the Darth Vader fans, so they can act out their favorite scenes anytime.

Other popular ideas are treats which you can send them home in star wars darth vader treat pail. Cupcakes with toppers may work very well too if you are looking for an affordable option. They can look absolutely amazing and you can never go wrong with them.


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Star Wars Party Inspiration Board

Fun Star Wars themed birthday party decoration and food ideas. Popular color schemes are black and gold, or black, blue and gold!

Explore the inspirations below:

Star Wars Party Printable


Star Wars Party Set - INSTANT DOWNLOAD



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