Springtime Bunny Brunch

Lighthearted Springtime Bunny Brunch


This lighthearted Springtime Bunny Brunch was a perfect theme for  this special group of kiddos and could double as a fantastic birthday party with so many lovely Springtime touches! Planning expert, Marina of Party Jems brought the beautiful event to life with adorable DIY decorations that really made it unique.

The dessert table was a stunning blend of bunny decorations and greenery that added color and life to the look.  A massive backdrop of ivy greens interlocked with cute pink flowers made a wonderful gardenstyle addition to the decor.  In front of this fantastic decoration, a large table with a light cover stood with delightful goodies for the kids to enjoy.  At the front of this table a flag banner with bunnies on each advertised the theme sweetly. Miniature green shrubs at each end of the table were shaped like bunnies with cute bows, adding a pop of color to the look.  Stacks of delicious miniature pancakes were placed on round stands and had lovely white blooms on top. Scrumptious cupcakes were placed on elegant cake trays and featured fantastic white bunny toppers to blend with the theme seamlessly.  The celebratory cake was a show-stopper with fantastic bunny details too.

A delightful miniature table was set out for the children to sit at, each chair was an adorable pastel color and the table itself was light yellow.  Each place setting had fantastic dishware that gave a tea party vibe.  Little mason jars with milk were a perfect addition to the menu.  The jars even had straws with little bunnies attached to them.  A large centerpieces with eggs was placed on this table, giving it a fantastic Springtime style.  Every detail at this party was thought out beautifully and executed to perfection, creating a memorable celebration for a wonderful group of kids.

Springtime-Bunny-Brunch-Carrot-Cookie Springtime-Bunny-Brunch-Carrot-Treats Springtime-Bunny-Brunch-Cupcakes Springtime-Bunny-Brunch-Desserts-Table Springtime-Bunny-Brunch-Dessert-Table Springtime-Bunny-Brunch-Egg-Centerpiece Springtime-Bunny-Brunch-Garland-Greenery Springtime-Bunny-Brunch-Large-Rabbit-Cake Springtime-Bunny-Brunch-Milk Springtime-Bunny-Brunch-Mini-Pancakes Springtime-Bunny-Brunch-Rabbit-Cookies Springtime-Bunny-Brunch-Rabbit-Straw Springtime-Bunny-Brunch-Rabbit-Toppers Springtime-Bunny-Brunch-Snack-Table Springtime-Bunny-Brunch-Venue Springtime-Bunny-Brunch-White-Flowers Springtime-Bunny-Brunch-White-Rabbits


Planning/Design – Marina of Party Jems, Etsy, Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook

Floral garland, bunny cake and photography – Mari, Melissa and Yahaira

Florals – Bloom Chic Studio

Cake and cookies – Lifes Sweet Inc



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