Some Bunny Is Turning One Birthday


Spring is a beautiful time to celebrate special kids and this Some Bunny Is Turning One Birthday had everything a vip could want! The space chosen for this event was absolutely stunning with massive windows all around to let in brilliant light while providing everyone with a fantastic view.  As You Wish Parties was the wonderful designer/planner of this party, creating a lovely and memorable event that was sure to be enjoyed by all.

An adorable little rectangle table was used for the guests so they could sit and visit comfortably with each other. A white cover made a perfect stage for the soft blue colors of the place settings. Paper plates and cups were used so kids could get their food themselves worry free. There were even adorable hats for them to wear! Potted centerpieces gave a garden vibe that went with the bunny theme perfectly. Each little white chair was accented with a cute bunny decoration on the back of the seat.

At the dessert section a large custom backdrop with a bunny graphic was a brilliant way to advertise the party.  To really create a garden vibe astro turf was laid out below the dessert table with a cute row of white picket fencing in the front for added effect. Little potted plants made a lovely accent to this section. The table used was a vanity style that created a charming look.

Thin stumps made perfect trays on each end of the table to hold sugar cookies and other goodies.  Each of the cookies was exquisitely detailed in garden themes including carrots, mushrooms and even snails. Chocolate bars were wrapped in custom labels to blend with the theme smoothly.  The cake at the party was stunning with two layers decorated in garden details.  It was topped with a cute bunny and the number one.

Some-Bunny-Is-Turning-One-Birthday-Art Some-Bunny-Is-Turning-One-Birthday-Backdrop Some-Bunny-Is-Turning-One-Birthday-Blue-Cake Some-Bunny-Is-Turning-One-Birthday-Cake Some-Bunny-Is-Turning-One-Birthday-Cake-Name Some-Bunny-Is-Turning-One-Birthday-Cakepops Some-Bunny-Is-Turning-One-Birthday-Cake-Table Some-Bunny-Is-Turning-One-Birthday-Cake-Topper Some-Bunny-Is-Turning-One-Birthday-Candy Some-Bunny-Is-Turning-One-Birthday-Chairs Some-Bunny-Is-Turning-One-Birthday-Chalkboard Some-Bunny-Is-Turning-One-Birthday-Chocolates Some-Bunny-Is-Turning-One-Birthday-Colored-Cakepops Some-Bunny-Is-Turning-One-Birthday-Cookie-Easel Some-Bunny-Is-Turning-One-Birthday-Cookies Some-Bunny-Is-Turning-One-Birthday-Cupcakes Some-Bunny-Is-Turning-One-Birthday-Cupcake-Stand Some-Bunny-Is-Turning-One-Birthday-Custom-Wrappers Some-Bunny-Is-Turning-One-Birthday-Desserts Some-Bunny-Is-Turning-One-Birthday-Easels Some-Bunny-Is-Turning-One-Birthday-Frame Some-Bunny-Is-Turning-One-Birthday-Guest-Table Some-Bunny-Is-Turning-One-Birthday-Hats Some-Bunny-Is-Turning-One-Birthday-Jar Some-Bunny-Is-Turning-One-Birthday-Letters Some-Bunny-Is-Turning-One-Birthday-Plant Some-Bunny-Is-Turning-One-Birthday-Plate-Graphic Some-Bunny-Is-Turning-One-Birthday-Plates Some-Bunny-Is-Turning-One-Birthday-Snacks Some-Bunny-Is-Turning-One-Birthday-Sugar-Cookies Some-Bunny-Is-Turning-One-Birthday-Tiered-Cake Some-Bunny-Is-Turning-One-Birthday-Treats Some-Bunny-Is-Turning-One-Birthday-Treat-Table Some-Bunny-Is-Turning-One-Birthday-Veggies Some-Bunny-Is-Turning-One-Birthday-Venue


Planning/design – As You Wish Parties




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