Sesame Street Birthday Party

Sesame Street Birthday Party

Sesame Street – Decorations – Food – Favors

A Sesame Street party offers you a brilliant option for entertaining children with an abundance of characters and fun! With this theme you can centered your party around your favorite Sesame Street character or bring them all in for a multitude of colors and excitement that is sure to be enjoyed.

Invitations for a classic theme like this can be vibrant and colorful, with bold loud fonts that will leave an impression. Using a rainbow of bright colors decorating for this event is sure to be simple and fun. One sweet decoration that you can do is to make character faces on pails and fill them up with little things like treats or flowers and spread them around the party area. This is an event that you can use any character stuffed animals or books that you have already to display as well. Streamers and hanging lanterns can give your room a full look that is a breeze to put together.

Sesame Street Birthday Party Sesame Street Birthday Party

For food at a Sesame Street party you can go wild! Create fun and easy finger foods and then name them after your favorite characters from the show.  Make some tuna fish sandwiches, cut them into triangles and call them, “Telly’s Tuna Triangles.” A seven-layer salad can be a “Count Surprise!” If you have Sesame Street cookie cutters, you can make sugar cookies and cut fruit into fun shapes. Don’t forget about the cupcakes! For your cake, you can do a large sheet cake with a group of Sesame Street favorites or you can make a circle and choose one favorite to showcase.

Sesame Street Birthday Party cookie monster cupcakes, elmo cupcake

How to make Cookie Monster Cupcakes by How To Cook That via Youtube

One activity that your group can do that is sure to be loved would be a cookie decorating contest. Let the kids decorate as they wish and then after the best one is picked, the children can all eat their treat! Another enjoyable activity that kids will love to participate in would be a number treasure hunt.  You can hide a bunch of foam numbers and letters around and see who can find the most.

For thank-you gifts you can put together coloring books and crayons for the kids to take home. If you like giving sweets you can put together little bags with gummy bears, or worms. You could also give out play dough, or green ooze for small ones to enjoy playing with. With such a blend of colors and fun, a Sesame Street party is sure to be entertaining for all who come.

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