Royal Princess Sophia Birthday Party


Impressions went all out to create an imaginative and stylish celebration with this Royal Princess Sophia Birthday Party. With a large, brightly lit venue, there was plenty of space for all the little ones to party in style.

Along one wall a dreamy setting was created for the buffet area.  A graphic of arched walkways and cartoon flowers and greenery gave an elegant and fun look to the decor.  Three separate tables held the goodies and the front of each was enhanced with column fronts that matched the theme spectacularly. Each table featured a lovely strand of flowers across the front to give a natural look.

The center table was stunning with a massive tiered cake in purple and white that matched Sophia’s cartoon colors beautifully.  The cake was topped with an adorable framed photo of Princess Sophia. The bottom layer of the cake had flowers wrapped around the top and pearls around the bottom edge. Each side of the cake was accented with lovely lanterns with floral arrangements inside them.  Purple pearls loosely spread around the top of the table made a sweet finishing touch.

The other two tables held gorgeous vintage trays with intricate details which made perfect stands for the royal treats.  Yummy rice krispy treats in purple, pink and white had sticks for easy grabbing.  Cupcakes stood on the tallest trays and tall cookies sat at the front of the tables looking tasty in colorful frosting.

Guest tables were placed in a long row to create a royal vibe.  A purple runner and golden plates matched the theme smoothly.  Cups of pink lemonade awaited the guests.  Centerpieces of lanterns with floral arrangements inside ran down the length of the tables. Strands of pearls connected them, creating a long, lovely look. The chairs each had cute purple fabric draped to add to the royal theme.

Royal-Princess-Sophia-Birthday-Party-Cake Royal-Princess-Sophia-Birthday-Party-Centerpiece Royal-Princess-Sophia-Birthday-Party-Cookies Royal-Princess-Sophia-Birthday-Party-Flower-Garland Royal-Princess-Sophia-Birthday-Party-Framed-Picture Royal-Princess-Sophia-Birthday-Party-Guest-Tables Royal-Princess-Sophia-Birthday-Party-Hanging-Garland Royal-Princess-Sophia-Birthday-Party-Pink-Drinks Royal-Princess-Sophia-Birthday-Party-Place-Settings Royal-Princess-Sophia-Birthday-Party-Treats


Concept, planning and execution – Raidha Raleen Mulafer of Impressions with Dec-O-Cake, Khadhija Inshirah R, Shaziya Kamil, Gayani Jayaweera and Bibo’s Yummies

Photography – Picture Poets




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