Radiant Pokemon Birthday Party


This Radiant Pokemon Birthday Party was beautifully designed by Mecupcake. The venue chosen for the event was large and had lots of bright light, creating a fun ambiance. The special 6 year old had been wanting a special Pokemon party, allowing Mecupcake to use their creativity to offer a fantastic celebration for him to remember.

A lovely dessert table was arranged with precision, allowing everyone to grab and go with ease. The table used was a fantastic contemporary style with a neon base that illuminated all of the treats and decor in a fantastic neon green light. At the front of this table a bold, red banner spelled out the birthday boy’s name so everyone could clearly see who was being celebrated.  With wall for the background that was partial brick and partial colored art, this dessert table appeared to be a work of art itself. There were even large red balloons at the back of the table with fun tassel ribbons in dark and light blue colors. And adorable addition to this table were the mini graphics of classic characters from the hit Pokemon show. These were placed at the front of the table, advertising the theme spectacularly. To finish off the look at this table, colorful tissue balls were placed on the ground, adding a fun touch.

The table was was filled up with popcorn, poke-ball cake pops, chocolate covered Oreo’s, giant bubble gum, yellow lollipops and poke-ball cookies. For a bold centerpiece, a large three layer cake was made, frosted in a chic Pokemon style. Each of the kids also received a fun Pokemon happy meal to enjoy. Inside each vibrant yellow Pikachu box were peanut butter sandwiches, grapes and juice. The favor in the Pokemon happy meal was an exciting Pikachu felt mask that allowed the kids to really get into the excitement of this adorable theme.

Radiant-Pokemon-Birthday-Party-Cakepops Radiant-Pokemon-Birthday-Party-Dessert-Table Radiant-Pokemon-Birthday-Party-Gift-Bags Radiant-Pokemon-Birthday-Party-Pikachu-Boxes Radiant-Pokemon-Birthday-Party-Pokeball-Cookies Radiant-Pokemon-Birthday-Party-Pokeball-Treats Radiant-Pokemon-Birthday-Party-Popcorn Radiant-Pokemon-Birthday-Party-Treat-Stand Radiant-Pokemon-Birthday-Party-Welcome-Board


Photography, styling, desserts: Mecupcake




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