Princess Cinderella Party

Princess Cinderella Party (1)

This beautiful Cinderella themed party was elegantly planned by Investo Festa. The dessert table was an explosion of pale blues and pinks. While there many delicious looking dessert options a tall cake stood out amongst the rest. The three-tier cake sat on a golden pedestal and was decorated with pink roses and golden 3D butterflies. Chocolate truffles looked like royal treats. Each truffle was individually wrapped and decorated with a frosted topper. Cake pops with metallic frosting were decorated to look like magical wands.

The background of the dessert table featured a large decal with the appearance of a stain glass window. The decal was surrounded by two beautiful light blue curtains. Flower arrangements in golden pumpkin pots helped to create an atmosphere of royalty. Even Cinderella made an appearance in the form of a beautiful Barbie doll.

Fitting with the royal theme, a china tea set was eloquently displayed on the table. The tea set featured a tray, sugar container, cup, and tea-pot. Each item was embellished with gold and featured a vintage looking graphic.

To fit the Cinderella theme, a glass slipper made an appearance in a clear display case. The slipper, made entirely of glass, was decorated with one small, golden butterfly.

The tables were decorated with pale blue tablecloths and featured small gold carriages with pink flowers. Guests even got to drink from fancy wine goblets.

Credits: Investo Festa

Sweets: Doces-bolos Maria Célia
Macaroons: Sweet Mel Mobiliário
Balloons: Caldeirão Mágico
Photography: Andressa Valéria and Invento Festa

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